Battle for Bittora

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This is the 2nd book by Anuja Chauhan (of Zoya Factor fame). It is a very mild version of Mills and Boon. The whole story revolves around a boy and girl… I knew the end but kept reading.

I liked the book… it is funny and unlike the previous one where the background was cricket here it is politics. Quite funny.
Similarities between this book and M&B:
  • The guy is too hot. Most of his body has been described sensuously… the legs, chest etc etc
  • They make out the first time they meet but cannot go all the way
  • They have misunderstandings where she thinks he is a creep
Worth a read.
Btw, I am amazed at how far M&B has come. As a teenager I had to wrap the front cover in newspaper to hide the erotic pic. And god help me if my family or the nuns at school caught me with it. Buying it was a blasphemy. Now it is available in Crossword and well highlighted… there are writing contests to encourage new writers. There is one book written by an Indian author.
I outgrew them after 4 books only ‘coz they were so predictable.

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  1. Well, if the book says he is hot… we start imagining him as hot… another thing is if a female is attracted to him and calls him hot… he has to be hot

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