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Ranbir Kapoor is the most bankable star in Bollywood right now. He never goes wrong… atleast with his movies. I don’t really care about his personal life. If he is good looking, a Kapoor and a star.. he is bound to have many girlfriends… who cares?
All his movies are pretty decent. Except Saawariya, I have watched them all.
Watching Barfi was a no brainer. We went for it on Friday night even though we had an early morning train to Jaipur the next day.
I loved it… from beginning to end. It is not about a deaf and mute guy… nor is it about a mentally challenged female… it is a love story. The director could have made a straight forward film with lots of rona dhona but instead he has made it very creatively… moving between different time periods in the story to create interest… more laughter… very little drama… innocent… cute… beautiful…
Ranbir is fab… Priyanka has played her character quite well, no overacting… Illena fits the role and is very convincing.
Generally, Bollywood messes up love stories… they don’t have the depth of Hollywood movies. This is different… every emotion- jealousy, love, attraction is apparent and not over-played.
And the music… oh the music… I could listen to it over and over again.
Amazing… not to be missed … at all.

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