Bangalore- we are soooo over and I do not pine for you

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Bangalore will always have a special place in my heart though Delhi is bae. My first visit to Bangalore was while heading back from outbound when I was doing my MBA at Manipal.

Most of the girls had stayed over at Bangalore while some of us- Pri and I were heading back to Manipal. I called J who was my crush in school and we met up at Corner House where I had the best ice cream in the world. The next visit was during my NGO project when I stayed with Beth for 10 days. She stayed away from the centre of the city and I had to travel back and forth in the local buses. The commute was quite comfortable and made less stressful by the awesome weather. I have been a regular visitor to the city, making 2-3 trips every year for work or personal reasons. My first sales stint was also in Bangalore and I was secretly hoping to get a sales territory somewhere in the South. When KC’s office was in Chennai and I was in Mumbai, we would meet up in Bangalore every few months.

Most people like the city’s pubs. What I love is the weather, over-crowded Brigade Road, the restaurants in Indira Nagar and more importantly all my friends in that city. I could stay in Bangalore for 10 days and have plans for lunch and dinner every single day.

Unfortunately, I don’t have enough work to be able to make frequent official trips. So, I save them for when RT is in town. This time I was there to meet two people- J and V. J- I have already spoken about in the previous posts. V is an ex-colleague turned acquaintance turned facebook friend. I still remember the first time I met him in office. We didn’t talk beyond “Hi, Hello”. He was just a management trainee after all while I was the hot shot ASM (kidding… kidding). I couldn’t have imagined then that he would be the most amusing person on my fb friends’ list… that I would look forward to fb notifications which mention his name. I like to do that…. remember the first time I spoke to someone… what I thought then and what I think now. The weird part is- I can only remember the first meetings with someone I truly like.

Anyway, the way things happened… I ended up meeting many more people:

  • B : A college acquaintance… someone I have spent hours talking to in college about all topics on this earth.
  • S : My first “boss” when I was a management trainee…. turned acquaintance… turned colleague… turned friend. We can never catch up in Mumbai (where he stays) because I end up meeting so many other people and we met for coffee in Bangalore
  • S : A friend from college who lives 2 buildings away from J’s house. She looks exactly like she did in college
  • Sil : This was an absolutely last moment plan. Sil was kind enough to drive till my office and then take me to Indiranagar for coffee. One of my favourite people. One of the few overly sensitive people I like.

Lunch at Mekong, Sarjapur. The food was terrible but the view- ahmazing!!!


Completely let down by the macaroons at Cafe Noir but the hot chocolate was divine.


J dragged S and me to the chapel because she wanted to pray. All my protests about God being around her, in her heart, idol worship and no point in walking all the way to the chapel fell on deaf ears.


Pink trays for the women at Bangalore airport. Yaaay!!! sarcasm


How innovative. Bought this at the airport. But Rs 135 for one mug is pricey.


I don’t know when the transition to that woman-who-always-surprises-her partner-with-little-things-from-her-travels happened. I have brought home vada pav from A’bad… bhel puri (packaged ones) from Mumbai… banana chips from Bangalore… biryani from Hyderabad etc etc etc. Nope…. I don’t get the same treatment, of course.


But the love is over because I have moved on to a city which is green enough to make me feel alive… where there is an alternative to getting stuck in bad traffic (metro)… Bangalore does have the worst traffic in the country… yep, worse than Mumbai too…. a city where there are parks everywhere… and a city with history at every step.

I am sorry Bangalore… but this is it. You were the city we could have planned to shift to. Not anymore. I am over you. Delhi/Gurgaon is bae now.


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