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2 posts in one day. Wow… that hasn’t happened in a while…. 3 days.

I had a great day today. Imagine a room with 4 people from 2 different organizations but different backgrounds brainstorming over a new channel, throwing up ideas, expressing doubts and solutions. It was so much fun. This was followed by lunch with someone who was my first boss and very, very strict. I remember it and laugh to myself because he is the calmest person I know. Another meeting with another organization which knows what it is doing, followed by coffee/tea with someone I met after 7 years. It excites me to meet people who have a passion in life and it saddens me when they don’t pursue it professionally because “I do love my corporate job”. But coming to a realization what you’d rather be doing instead is in itself a big deal and the start of better things around the corner. I can feel it in my bones.

This is what the conversation with my best friend went:

Me : Do you ever think life is not worth living? Not in the depressing, suicidal, morose way? But more like, I don’t care enough about it kind of way? bracing myself for an admonishing

Her : Yeah. All the time. I wonder if I die tomorrow, will someone even know?

Me : I wonder if it will even matter? People move on, they don’t have an option but to move on. Life seems too much of a bother

Don’t worry, we are not going to commit suicide. But I truly feel like life isn’t worth living. It isn’t worth all the trouble we go through

Corporate life sucks.

I hate what it is doing to two people I care a lot about. It is sucking everything out of them and I hare being part of it. It makes me feel like an accomplice because I work in the corporate world and I wish I could distance myself from it. I feel dirty.

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