Bandh Shandh

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This is the first time there are no traffic sounds on the road facing my flat. I never imagined something could stop the noise… even if for a day.

We all know the bandh is a sham. It means nothing. If BJP was in power they would have hiked the fuel price and Congress would have called for the bandh. Its all politics… nothing personal about it.
It isn’t even a holiday I can enjoy because everything is closed. When I heard about the bandh on Friday I was not convinced it would affect normal routine. But then I heard about the preparations of opposition and government… both trying to prove their power. There was a vague hope that the government would win… one look at the deserted road and I knew who the winner is.
I wish I could say the bandh ruined my plans… I didn’t miss any flight or get stuck anywhere… or missed my normal routine. I also wish I could say it was a relaxing break. I am not complaining but if could have planned this… I would have taken a long weekend break.
Maybe next time… 🙂

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