Band Baaja Baarat

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Umm… I had heard and read good reviews about this one and was eager to watch it. Everyone knows what the story is about… Indian weddings.

The first half is good… Ranveer can act quite well… better than Imran Khan. Anushka also acts well… better than Deepika. All her movies have been a hit and yet she is not considered one of the top heroines.
The 2nd half is torture…. typical Bollywood stuff. I don’t understand why sex is equated to love in Bollywood. They should know better by now. It is the same old formula where hero and heroine sleep around… heroine falls in love while it was just sex for the hero. I also don’t understand how they have sex only once… why don’t they do it again if they have enjoyed the act?
The end is extremely tacky like any Bollywood movie.
If you haven’t watched it already catch on the telly.

5 thoughts on “Band Baaja Baarat

  1. how did u interpret they enjoyed the act ? it wasnt mentioned anywhere :P…. maybe they faltered because it wasnt good…lol

    @ k.c

  2. @KC: Their expressions told me…and the fact that they got together in the end…but yeah, good sex can keep people together..atleast for sometime

    @ RT: It was quite lame…

  3. Except for the predictable sleeping together and falling in love bit, I rather enjoyed the movie.

    The thing is my eyes took a battering from the overdose of colours. Especially during the songs. Ouch !

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