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  1. Eat carbs in the morning
  2. Eat proteins and fibre for dinner
  3. Have early dinner
  4. Cardio in the morning and strength training/yoga/stretching in the evening
  5. Alternate between cycling (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) and running (Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday)
  6. Strength training- Monday and Wednesday; Core- Tuesday; Yoga- Wednesday; Thursday- Stretching; Friday- Yoga
  7. Saturday is rest day
  8. Sunday is long run day
  9. B’fast = 1 egg yolk+ 3 egg whites + 2 whole wheat bread
  10. Pre cardio – Banana
  11. Post cardio – Protein whey in fruit smoothie (banana+strawberries/blueberries+milk)
  12. Snacks (11 am/3 pm/5 pm)- Fruits/peanuts/roasted channa/coconut water/buttermilk
  13. Have 2 cups of green tea everyday
  14. Lunch will be a mix of protein and carbs- sabji+rotis+veg raita or brown rice biryani with veggies and soya or chicken
  15. Dinner will be chicken/fish salad or chicken soup
  16. Running schedule – 1 long run, 1 slow run at Bio D/Ghata (inclines) + 1 fast run (interval/tempo/hill repeats). Focus of training will be on inclines to prepare for Peddar road flyover in SCMM (Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon) on 17th Jan’16
  17. Train for 21 km by running 22-25 km long run. My challenge is the distance after 16/17km and I need to prepare for it
  18. No junk or fried food or sugar
  19. Sleep early, wake up early
  20. Have a mix of fruits and vegetable juice few days a week

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