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While the post “How to plan a trip to Italy” waits in the draft for elves to come out at midnight and complete, just a super quick post…

I am back on the clean eating and working out schedule from Tuesday. I will share the BMA results on the other blog this weekend.

*That reminds me… I still have to write 3 movie reviews and finish reading the current books. Sigh. Have I taken up more than I can handle?*

Basically, the Italy trip has set me back by 15 days, which is manageable. Things I have started doing:

– Eating a heavier b’fast. The usual 2 eggs white omelette (am still not convinced about leaving out the yolks), 1 mango (last few days of the season) and sweet lime juice (juice is not recommended but I feel like making use of my juicer)

– Trying to reduce the consumption of rice in my lunch. I carry more chapattis in the tiffin everyday. Sort of helps. Also, trying to add protein through chicken/fish. Will make lemon chicken tonight. Hopefully, it comes out well and I can eat it for lunch tomorrow.

– Having green tea everyday. I didn’t think it helps but my trainer said it has fat burning properties. And so, am giving this a try. Not very convinced though

– Sprouts as a snack. I never liked eating sprouts but I have changed… a lot.

– Vegetable dalia khichdi for dinner. Eating before 7 pm is impossible because am at the gym. Trying to eat before 8 pm though or eat dinner first and then go to the gym late. But if I go home after work, I become distracted with watching stuff on the laptop. I plan to eat dalia khichdi every night to simplify things. It satisfies my craving for rice since it tastes just the same. It has protein because of daal and lots of veggies- cabbage, cauliflower, peas, carrots, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms and baby corn.

– What I am struggling with is the snack at 5 pm. I have been eating watermelon but it does not give me enough energy to workout. I may eat a homemade chicken sandwich or a heavier fruit. Any suggestions?

– The most important change is using myfitnesspal to track calories. I had a feeling I was eating more calories than am supposed to. The dietitian had given me a 1400 calories plan but that is quite low if am working out 2 hours in a day. According to the TDEE calculator, link here; I need to eat 1600 calories. I used the Katch-Mc Cardle method and it seems most reliable but you need to know your body fat %. I have kept the limit on MFP as 1400 calories because if I make it 1600, am sure to go over. There is this mentality to eat as much as the limit so am keeping it lower.

– My daily indulgence is a mug of Lindt’s hot chocolate and I have only 1 sachet left (sob sob) and 2 Lindt chocolates everyday. It is supposed to be 1 but… well….

I won’t be writing down my daily food on the blog because that is double effort. You can always check it at MFP here. I have changed the privacy settings so everyone can see it. It is very easy to underestimate the quantities and calories we eat on MFP so am trying to enter the highest values I possibly can.

That’s it then. Wish me luck. I will write an update next Tuesday. Next week is tough because am travelling from Wednesday to Saturday. BUT

– I leave on Wednesday evening – I will strength train and run in the morning

– On Thursday am in Mumbai and there is a Fitness First right next to the place where I stay and I will hit the gym

– Friday and Saturday am in Lonavala where am sure the hotel will have a gym.

So, I don’t think I will miss any workouts next week despite the travel. Just need to eat clean.



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