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Hiya… I am back home and I managed to finish the most important task- washing 2 bagfuls of clothes.

Searching a house in Gurgaon is more difficult and expensive than in Mumbai. No kidding. 3 years back I was looking for a 1bhk and had to settle for a 2 bhk shared with a male colleague. Right now it is a 2bhk and brokers were pushing me for a 3 bhk since there are a very few complexes with 2 bhk. True or false? I don’t know but we had to exceed our budget by a few thousand. I don’t know if the flat is worth that much but we didn’t have an option.
This is what I was looking for in a dream home:
  • Close to office… not more than 30 mins of distance in peak traffic
  • 2 bhk with 2 bathrooms and 2 balconies
  • Good complex with good security
  • Good view
  • Walking distance from a market
Gurgaon has 2 main markets (not malls)- Galleria and Qutub Plaza. It is preferable to stay around either of these. I had planned to start searching Sunday onwards once KC was with me but it was Holi and brokers were not too keen on working that day. That would have left only 2 days to finalize everything (flight back was on Wed). I decided to start the search on Thursday itself:
  • Day 1: Thursday- The broker I had contacted when in Mumbai showed me a dirty 3 bhk. I wanted to hit him over the head. I wanted a 2 bhk ONLY. Another broker called me to Sushant Lok and didn’t turn up
  • Day 2: Friday- My colleague and I went to see a flat in Silver Oaks (the complex I was staying in 3 years back). Flat was good but rent was over my budget. My colleague was not too pleased with the area and showed me other complexes which are farther away.
  • Day 3: Saturday- I didn’t go to work since brokers had promised to show me flats in the morning. In the evening I managed to see 2 flats- Silver Oaks and Regency Park. I liked both. 3 days, 15 brokers and only 4 flats? By now I requested the brokers to show me anything in my budget- no matter how far. I was afraid and decided to pick one of the 2.
  • Day 4: Sunday- KC and me were trapped in the room for most of the day. It was Holi… there was no conveyance available and everything was closed. I showed him Regency Park but he was not too impressed… found the flat old and decaying.
  • Day 5: Monday- We decided to go ahead with the Silver Oaks flat. I knew KC would like it. Closed the formalities. None of the brokers called back with options even on the 5th day.
Here are my views on Gurgaon/Delhi:
  • Nothing much has changed in Gurgaon… it is still a concrete jungle
  • Traffic has become much, much worse
  • Thankfully, there are a few autos available for travel but they charge a bomb
  • Delhi NCR is a shoppers paradise when it comes to brands… Mango has 2 outlets in Delhi (that I know of… maybe there are more) and 1 outlet in Gurgaon while Mumbai has only 1 outlet
  • Delhi women are well dressed. I could count the number of women who had not put on make up. Mac, Colorbar, Inglot etc have their outlets. Inglot in Select Citywalk has 50-60 shades of nail paints… it is unbelievable.
I look forward to living in a flat on the 14th floor with enough space for our stuff.
KC and I have been arguing on where we will put our LCD and whether we want the 2nd TV in the bedroom or in the study. It is kinda fun.
The countdown begins… 10 days more.
Coming soon… reviews of 3-4 books.

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  1. I object to the statement “Delhi women are well dressed”. Does it mean Mumbai women are not? 🙂


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