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Hiya. I have not blogged since my return from Mumbai but there has been loads of work.

We headed to Mumbai on Friday night. After a restful sleep, I met up with my old colleagues on Saturday. The realization that I have moved on and not a part of this team hit me finally. Evening was spent with my bro at Marine Drive. The weather was awesome with mild showers and Marine Drive was teeming with youngsters. We watched Delhi Belly again in Eros and the tickets were so damn cheap.
Sunday was lazy… I visited Candies for the very first time. Getting the food was torture… the wait in the queue and self service… and they don’t take cards. But the ambience is awesome. Who knew such a green place could exist in Mumbai? We also had our fav sausages at Pot Pourri.
Monday and Tuesday was the conference. I reached home at midnight on Tuesday and was back at work at 9 am the next day.
My life has become really busy… after work on weekdays there is always some housework… and there is Jazz or gym. Weekends also are busy with grocery shopping and other chores. And I am ok with it. I wouldn’t want it any other way. As I see it, the 1 year in Mumbai was a waste…. I don’t want to regret next year that I didn’t do anything. I want to do more than just work and come back home. I want to read, blog, watch my fav serials (right now it is 90210), learn Jazz, go to the gym, cook… and anything else I can fit in.
Thats how I have always been.
This week I also realized that friendship does not end when your friends are not there for you. As long as they are there when you ask them to be there. Thats all that matters.
In today’s busy schedule it is difficult to expect someone to keep in touch regularly… on phone or mail or in person. Priorities change… people change… but with good friends you can abashedly call and ask for help… even at 5 am.
A big revelation.
August should be fun… we are going to Leh/Ladakh for 7 days.

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