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Hiya… below the upcoming posts in a day or two
  • Barfi review
  • Jaipur weekend trip
  • Move to Mumbai

But this post is not about any of the above… it is about a secret I have keeping from this blog. My friends, colleagues and near and dear ones know about it.I have been trying to lose weight in the last one month. Not the usual kind where I go to the gym on and off and eat what I want and then keep my fingers (and toes) crossed for the weight loss.But the kind where I weigh myself everyday, plan what to eat, workout daily… I have lost 2 kg which was in the first 2 weeks. The next 2 weeks were spent maintaining that weight. I did try to lose the next kg but it didn’t happen. From what I read online, 2 kg in one month is pretty decent. And now, I am on the way to the next kg loss. I also started maintaining another blog as a food diary (Yes… a 2nd blog… Yes… I am crazy).Here is the link:
It is nothing but a food diary (very boring) and daily weight. It is easier than a diary which may get lost and I am better at typing than writing. 
Losing weight involves 2 things- dieting (or eating right) and workout.
1. Dieting (Eating right):Crash diet is easy… just starve yourself till you cannot do it anymore and then binge and gain all the weight back. I wanted to change my habits and lifestyle… something that I can follow throughout my life. I have also done the weight loss programme in VLCC earlier (twice) and had the diet plan. This is my daily schedule:6 am (before workout): 1 apple7 am: Skimmed milk+cappuccino8 am: 1 boiled egg (I hate boiled eggs)8.30/45 am: b’fast- upma, brown bread sandwich, poha, paratha etc10: tea11.30: chocolate soya milk1: raita with veggies (no salt)1.30: lunch- rotis, brown rice, sabji, daal3: buttermilk5: fruits- watermelon, papaya6: khakhara or masala oats7.30: raita+ light dinner (roti, sabji)Dinner has to be as early and light as possible. Basic idea is to eat well in the beginning of the day and slowly reduce the intake. It has to move according to usage of energy. I make enough raita to last me 2-3 days which saves time. There are many options available in the market- soya milk (different flavours), khakhara (a Gujarati baked snack), Quaker masala oats (tastes like Maggi but is healthy). KC and I have started going out for lunch instead of dinner on weekends. And when in doubt or eating out I prefer South Indian… it is the healthiest. 
2. Workout:Going to the gym does not work for me at all… I need 1.5 hours there (instructor does not let me leave even after an hour), 30 mins to get dressed and drive there and another 15 mins to drive back. 2 hours in a day is not possible. Also, an instructor does not understand the physical exertions of my job… some days, I have to drive 100 km to Faridabad and back… other days I spend hours on my feet… working out intensively for 1.5 hours is not possible. Then, I would start making excuses and not go when I was too tired. Also, the cook comes between 7 and 7.30 pm… finishing work and working out by then is impossible. I decided to workout at home. When I was in Mumbai, I would workout 30 mins in morning and 30 mins in evening. It was comfortable and I got total 60 mins of intensive workout done. I decided to do the same. I jog for 30 mins every morning… and workout in the evening for 30-40 mins at home. There are some videos I have downloaded from youtube which are quite good… I have CDs of Shilpa’s yoga and Bipasha’s workout. They are good too. Most exercises are same. If you watch the videos online you will realize there are some exercises common in all of them. On saturdays, I workout for 60 mins in the morning since we go out in evening. Today I didn’t wake up in the morning so worked out for 60 mins in evening. By breaking up the workout, I can make it more intensive. It is very difficult to maintain the stamina, enthusiasm and intensity for 60 mins but 30 mins is quite easy. Sometimes, 30 mins stretches to 40 or 50 mins. I also skip 500 times everyday. Skipping is fun and takes hardly 10-15 mins. Below is the average weight loss in different activities:

  • Walking – fast pace- 30 mins: 300 gm
  • Yoga: 45 mins: 400 gm
  • Jazz dancing with pilates, exercise etc – 2 hours- 1 kg
  • Crunches- 30 mins- 600 gm
  • Skipping- 300 skips- 100 gm

I got the inspiration from the book “Confessions of a Serial Dieter”… I identified with the author… please read the book and get inspired. 
So, thats it. This is the goal that has been on my mind every day and every hour for the last one month. I want to lose 10 kgs… 8 more to go. I have already reached the ideal BMI but I want to lose the inches. 

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  1. Thank you so much… do the read, it is quite inspiring. Anyone can lose weight but it is hard work (as I am discovering) and requires a lot of determination. You can do it.

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