Back after a hiatus

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How many times have I started a post with that line? I just didn’t feel like blogging.

There are days when I am happy… enthusiastic… looking forward to the day.

And then there are days when I am going through the motions… nothing means anything… bidding my time… waiting for something to happen… not caring about much. I am in that phase currently.

Anyway, below are my current blogs apart from this:

My experience as a Management Trainee in Sales. Will update it frequently.

About some experiments in the kitchen. Will blog rarely on this.

A beauty blog… reviews and updates on products, trends… may add fashion/style later on. Will be updated frequently.

A blog on movie reviews… will be updated weekly.



2 thoughts on “Back after a hiatus

  1. A new start- all the best! I have been contemplating on buying my own domain so that I have the liberty to customize the stuff around my blog. Hopefully, I should get down to it when my crazy work life gets a little sorted

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