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I want to murder all the people who promoted this movie on Facebook.
The story is non-existent… there is no humor or sex… only special effects… and it drags on for 3 hours. WTF!!!
Total mind fuck. Please avoid.

10 thoughts on “Avatar

  1. Now such a contrarian comment would sound very audacious to most. Story as everybody says is a metaphorical condemnation of USA’s foreign policy. Its utter disregard of the rest of the world. Is the movie really ain’t worth the money?

  2. As for the comment on the lack of sex.. there was a steamy scene in the movie, but it was edited out to get a PG-13 rating.

    Watch out for the DVD… the scene will not be edited out of the DVD version of the movie.

  3. i think it is one of the most brilliant movie of our times…. its an experience, and i think u had to loosen urself up tp enjoy it than just trying to judge it….. i would love to live in pandora……!!

  4. bul i guess edward is correct…wit the american foreign policy thing and the movie…how ever SEX….you wanted sex in a movie full of Blue Aliens with tails….whats wrong with you…

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