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I like reading mythology. I don’t believe in it like other mortals. Mahabharata is my favorite since its so different with many twists and turns… also, it is very unorthodox. A woman with 5 husbands? Wow. 5 kids out of wedlock. Wow!!!
My least favorite is Ramayana. It is so MCP. Dumping your wife ‘coz you think she is not pure??? Seriously!!!
Mythology is very different from regular books… the same rules don’t apply… and anything can happen. A man can have 10 heads… another guy can give up a kingdom and live in forests for 14 years… so different from regular, normal life.

I picked up Asura – Tale of the Vanquished more than a month back. The frequent travelling to Delhi gives me hours to read and I finished the book on my last trip. The author is Anand Neelakantan. The story is about Ravana… he is the hero of the book and Rama is the villain. In the end Ravana dies. I don’t know if it follows the original story (since I have only watched it on TV) but its a different take on it.
I don’t know if this is true (most likely it is) but Ravana was an Asura. In Asura culture, women were free… they could sleep with who ever they wanted… marry how many ever times. There were no restrictions. While in Deva culture (Rama’s land), women had to follow traditions and rules. And in the book Sita is Ravana’s daughter… thats why he kidnapped her. Think about it, why did Ravana kidnap Sita? My impression (until now) was that Ravana wanted to sleep with her. But he didn’t do that, right? If he was a bad man, why didn’t he? There has to be some other purpose behind the kidnapping.
Worth a read. 

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  1. Very very interesting. As far as I know, in those days, people from down south where considered Asura cause of their physical characteristics such as dark skin, curly hair etc.
    While Ram and his clan were from up north, hence fair, great physique etc.

    it was pure discrimination and if you ask me Valmiki who wrote Ramayana was very biased and afterall it is his opinion and his bias that he is going to write.
    But this books sounds very interesting.

  2. agree with u on ur least and most fav mythology stories… same reasons as well 🙂
    I thought Ravana was revenging his sister’s insult and she oversold Sita to him 😉
    will try this book!!

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