Asian Hawkers’ Market

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This is a food fest at Selectcitywalk Mall this weekend. It has stalls of restaurants which serve Asian food. I prefer Indian chinese and can have authentic Asian food once in a while. Honestly, I like to go to food fests to try new stuff and not necessarily to eat good food. Basically, I am ok if I don’t like the food as long as it is something I haven’t eaten before. What I liked about the Asian Hawkers’ market was that the stalls had a very small menu. Like Yum Yum Cha had two stalls- one for their appetiser and another for the beverage and dessert.

The food fest was in the open area of the mall. There was music, there were lanterns and the beginning of winter. Very nice.


We started the culinary journey with the Japanese dumplings from Yum Yum Cha. They had vegetarian, chicken and octopus. Yes, people, there was octopus. I stuck to chicken. As great and innovative as they look, we didn’t like the taste.


The next stop was Guppy by Ai which participates in the Citibank restaurant week. That is tofu and vegetable curry with rice. Not bad.



We tried the soup chicken dumplings at Jade. I did not like the covering of the dumpling at all.



We ended the trip with homemade mango ice cream dumpling at Yum Yum Cha. I loved this. It had a homemade ice cream covered by a jelly. It wasn’t too sweet but was slightly bland. This is so innovative.



Finally, we tried the green apple beverage which has apple pieces, kafir lime and mint. Good but it tasted bitter after the ice cream.



Overall, I enjoyed the Asian Hawker’s Market and wish the mall would have a South Indian food fest someday.

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