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In a time long long ago… humans cleaned themselves only with water ‘coz thats all they knew. Then someone invented a soap (don’t know who… we won’t get into details)… one soap was used to clean all parts of the body. Kotler’s ancestor (again.. skip details) had a brain wave. He/She (no gender bias here) created separate soaps for hair (on head- lets be specific) and body. In India (we will stick to Indian History now), the hair soap had aritha, shikakai etc. For further segmentation (I still remember Kotler’s fundas) shampoo was invented. Now the bathing ritual consisted of a body soap and a shampoo. Then… came the face wash. It was an instant hit (anything related to facial skin generally is a hit). So… now… bath soap, face wash, shampoo. Then… was a conditioner. It was expensive and only the rich could afford it. But not to worry… continuous advertising and good merchandising with lower prices ensured that it became a mass product.

Now we have… bath soap, face wash, shampoo, conditioner.
To cut the looooonnnnngggg story short… here is a daily ritual of any normal middle class human being (if you don’t follow it… you are either poor or abnormal):
Before bath:
  • Hair Oil
  • Face pack
  • Hair pack
During bath:
  • Bath soap/ body wash with scrubber
  • Face Wash
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Anti-dandruff hair cream (latest entrant)

After Bath

  • Toner/Astringent
  • Moisturiser/Sunscreen (separate for face and body)
  • Serum for hair
  • Hair Mousse (optional- mainly for parties)

From 1 product- the soap we have evolved to using 9-12 products on a daily basis.

Are we more good looking/hotter with better skin and hair than our ancestors? We are definitely richer.

9 thoughts on “Are you hotter???

  1. How about being simple? One may not be using any of these because one may just be bloody hell SIMPLE. Also rich. Some people define wealth in number of days you can survive with this lifestyle without a job. A simple person can practically live far longer.

  2. @ Mysterio: Really? Should I quiz you about it?

    @ Howard: Lol… I did make it simple. I didn’t talk about various skin types and products available for special problems like… acne, scars, wrinkles etc. I guess “simple” is a relative term

    @ RT: I know what you mean… and then women also apply make up. I don’t know how they find the time.

  3. I don’t use most of these stuff – only soap. As per the post I am “either poor or abnormal”. I don’t think I am poor. That leaves only one possibility.
    You have got an abnormal person commenting on your blog 🙂 Concerned? He he …

  4. @ Anonymous: And last time I checked… THAT was not my job. But you are forgiven. India is not so developed that it will start moving backwards. Right now… companies are only segmenting. Products like Olay which provide 7 benefits in one do exist but are very expensive and cater to a niche crowd.

    @ Jani: Well… If you are reading this blog you automatically come under the category of “abnormal”.

  5. Shit I must be below Poverty line….I dont do the Hair Pack, Face Pack, Conditioner, Toner/Astringent. Serum for HAir, Hair Mousse (I replace this with Gel or Hair Cream)

    – Gangy

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