Are my shorts too short?

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When I started running, I didn’t have the confidence to wear shorts outdoors. Like a normal person, I had spent hours in front of the mirror looking at my flaws and wearing clothes which covered them up. Since I had cellulite on my thighs, my dresses and shorts were a certain length to cover the flaw. For example, I don’t have any strapless dresses in my wardrobe because I don’t like my upper arms. My life was made harder by all the sportswear brands which only have teeny tiny running shorts for women and for knee length shorts I had to scout the men’s section.

During an organized run, I remember admiring the confidence of the female runner ahead of me. She had a similar body type and I could see the cellulite jiggling on her thighs but she still wore teeny tiny shorts. That is when the realisation hit me that I don’t need a perfect body to wear what I want but rather the confidence. I bought my first pair of shorts and ran in them. I hated the way I looked. The touching of my inner thighs while running gave me chafing. I couldn’t wear sleeveless for long runs for the same reason. But I continued to wear shorts.

It has been 3-4 years since I started running and working out regularly. The other day I couldn’t see the cellulite on my thighs. There are faint traces when I jiggle them really hard. Running in shorts and sleevless tee does not make me chafe because the fat is all gone. Yesterday I ran in the shortest pair of shorts I own. They are so short that I started using them for nightwear instead and now am thinking of running at ADHM in them.


Men and women – wear what you want. Short. Long. Confidence has to be built, it doesn’t come automatically. And you won’t transform into who you want to be unless you work hard for it.

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