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I have many, many apps on my phone… some paid… most free. I want to list down some must- have apps. These will be valid for android phones as well since android has more apps than windows any day.

1) Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Foursquare: These are generic and much needed and generally already present in the phone. My phone is configured with facebook and linkedin which means when anyone (whose number I have not saved on my phone book) calls me, I can see their name and photo. This is a very useful feature since the phone nos get automatically updated and I can contact anyone.

2) Amazon Kindle: This is by far the best app. I can automatically purchase books online (at a discount) and read them on the go. Love it.

3) Calvin and Hobbes: This app is a bank full of Calvin and Hobbes comics. A new comic is added everyday and I can even read the old ones. It is not HD so resolution is not good… but still worth it

4) Facebook HD: I prefer this over the regular facebook. Picture quality is so much better

5) Daily Horoscope: Yep… every phone needs a horoscope. A must read for me everyday

6) Instance: An alternate to instagram, if you have an account. Instagram is a photo blogging site. You click a pic and upload. They can be kept private or shared. Windows phone does not have an official instagram app but there are 2-3 apps through which you can use instagram

7) Nextgen Reader: I have added all the links to my favourite blogs on this. I get notified as soon as a new post is added to any of the blogs. I can read on the go… and even comment. It is much better than going to each blog to check if it has been updated. Loving it

8) Runtastic Pro: I use this while jogging. It has GPS which tracks my route, speed, location, pace, time, distance, calories burned. It is very useful since I target to jog 5 km everyday. It also updates me on the distance every 15 mins. Also, it posts details of your ‘jog/run’ on facebook and twitter. You can also choose ‘live cheering’ which means as soon as you start the run, it updates on fb and people can leave comments on this. You can hear the comments live while running. How cool is that? Nobody has left comments on my post till now so I don’t know if it actually works.

9) Messenger: The facebook chat is automatically configured in my phone. I use this one for gtalk.

10) TV Show: I can add my favourite TV shows and it gives details of each episode and dates when the next episodes will be shown. So, I already know that the new season of Big Bang Theory will start in September and that new episode of True Blood will be shown on TV next Monday (I can download it on Tuesday on my laptop)

11) WordPress: I can blog through my phone. The previous post has been written on the phone in the morning while on the train commuting to work

12) Zomato: Very much needed. I like the fact that I can point the cursor to the contact no. and directly call from there. No need to copy paste the contact no

13) PVR Cinemas: I only use this to check showtimes… I don’t book tickets on it

14) WeChat: Not a must have… but a nice to have. You can save voice messages and send it to anyone who has this app. You can send lovely good morning/good night/lovey dovey messages.

15) Ruzzle: Love this one. It is a word game… you have to find maximum words in 2 mins (higher points for longer words). The best part is you can play against random people around the world… play against friends using Ruzzle… or just practice alone. The only problem is that it uses too much battery. I do not play this if my charger is not around.

Thats about it. There are many more… but I use the above regularly.

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  1. I am using the Pro version. The only reason I went for the PRO version is because I can post on fb as soon as I start running. My fb friends can then track me live… cheer for me, which I will be able to hear while running. I don’t use the other extra features. I guess, the regular app is just as good and you do not need to upgrade.

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