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It is 6 am and am already up. I wish I could for a run but there was no space for running shoes and it made no sense to carry them for 2 days . So sharing pics of the apartment. 

It is as large as flats in Mumbai and am pretty sure that’s a luxury in Italy.

*Please ignore the mess*


The kitchen is awfully tiny and the washing machine is below the fridge. 

This is how different KC and I are:

Me – Goes through 10 mails to dig out train tickets 3 days before travel. Saves everything by date in word doc. Mails the doc to herself and KC, takes print outs of everything, saves in Dropbox AND on the phone. 

KC – while on the way to city from airport, digs out host’s mail for exact address. Searches for the host’s number after we are hopelessly lost. 

But he is the ying to my yang, or is it the other way around? The one who slows me down when I want my life to move so fast I forget to enjoy the moments. 

I think that is what am doing right now…   So ta da.

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