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No … no… am not shutting down this blog. Not yet, anyway. Though am tempted to go anonymous. Who knows, I just might. If some of you donate your time to me… I might.

Just want to update on what’s happening on all the blogs:

My movie watching has slowed down slightly because am dedicating more time to reading these days. Nevertheless, please check out reviews of

The Japanese Wife


Detective Byomkesh Bakshy

and many more. Please keep reading.

– Currently reading American Sniper by Chris Kyle and penning (typing) my thoughts here

Salt, Sugar, Fat- How the Food Giants Hooked us by Michael Moss. A must read for everyone

Shopaholic to the Stars by Sophie Kinsella. Being let down for the first time by the Shopaholic series and by Sophie Kinsella

Domechild by Shiv Ramdas. My first ever book review on the blog and what a fabulous way to start.

Please like the Bookerworm facebook page here. Let us read more… recommend more… and read better.

Also, links to all the blogs… even the one which was anonymous earlier… are up on the sidebar.

1st blog- Boogerworm

2nd blog- Boogerwormie

3rd blog- Swollen Tomato. This used to be anonymous… and the one which helped me through a really trying time.

4th blog- WTF!!!


Next post- The secret behind the name ‘boogerworm’. Keep reading.


4 thoughts on “Announcements

    • Yep… it is there but I haven’t updated it in a long, long, long time because I don’t have the time to click pics with a DSLR. What is a fashion and beauty blog without good pics!!!
      The link is on the menu. It is called Funny but Stylish.

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