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– Posted on 6th January 2007

Hmm… had a good day… Went to my fav place out here… I have always wondered why I like to walk… today, I found the answer… it makes me think… I wish I had a paper and pen with me, I would have loved to jot down what I was thinking… I have composed so many poems in my head, the world would have been a better place if I would have written them down.

It is amazing how you can forget the people, but the moments are treasured forever.

– Posted on 22nd March 2007 but penned on 21st July 2000. I did choose the road less traveled and what an amazing journey it has been.

Crossroads of Life

I’m on the crossroads of life,
all glittering in the spring sun,
beckoning me to a whole new world,
with sorrows none and joys abundant.

With indecision in my mind,
I choose the one less travelled,
leading to a new horizon,
and promising a better ‘morrow.

I don’t know what the end will be,
I don’t even remember the beginning,
the past is behind me,
and the future looms ahead.

All I look for is contentment,
peace within myself,
I’ve chosen my way,
now it is Fate’s turn to play.

– Posted on 22nd March 2007. I would pick sex.. between only sex and only love… it would be sex all the way.

Him: What if you had to choose between love and sex?

Me: Umm… wow, thats exactly what I have been wondering these days… and I don’t know. Its so confusing. What if the sex ain’t good??? Can love make up for it? And just sex is definitely out… I want both, but if I had to (absolutely, terribly had to), I would give up on sex… maybe

– Posted on 7th March 2007. After placements… before convocation.

Then and Now

  • Class at 8.30 am

Then: At 8.15 am: Shit… shit… I am late… I am late
Now: At 8.45 am: I can delay another 5 mins.

  • Packing bag for class

Then: I have taken the mktg text, finance text, operations text… oops, I almost forgot HR text
Now: (in class… screaming) “Does anyone have a pen and paper?”

  • In college

Then: “F***”… Oh damn, I just used the ‘F’ word… hope nobody heard me
Now: You c******, bloody f*****, f*** off

  • During presentation

Then: To the neighbour: “I think I missed 2 words of the ppt… what were they?”
Now: To the neighbour: “Oye, band karo isko… kabse bole ja raha hai”

  • Case Analysis

Then: 2-3 pages of analysis with excel sheet and recommendations
Now: Recommendations??? “Our group has no recommendations… everything happens for the best… yeh bhagwan ki marzi thi”

  • Grades

Then: Shit… I scored only 3.0… I was ill and missed one class… which means final cgpa is 2.9.. damn
Now: If I score 2.9 and miss 5 classes, my final score will be 2.4… but if I try for a score of 3.0, I can miss 6 classes…. (2.33 is the minimum score required)

  • Dating

Then: I cannot go out with him, I barely know him
Now: I think I should go out with him; after all, I barely know him

  • Affairs

Then: Darling, I will always stay with you… we will never part.. forever
Now: Babe, you and I will be working in different cities… maybe, we need to re-think this situation

  • Associate Group

Then: “Our group gels so well… we go for dinner, movies, outings… everywhere together”
Now: “Group??? What group?”

  • Long distance relationships

Then: “C’mon, how difficult can a long distance relationship be? Lets atleast give it a try”
Now: “Long distance relationship is a NO NO.. absolute NO”

  • Mess food

Then: “Wow, what amazing food… this is heaven compared to my engineering mess”
Now: “I want ‘real’ food”

  • Routine

Then: Assignments, presentations, fora/committee work, research papers
Now: Sleep, movies, beaches, swimming, salsa, dates, blog, music, parties

  • Friends

Then: “These are my TAPMI friends… those are my ‘real’ friends”
Now: “These are my ‘real’ friends”… A1, A2… What would I do without you gals?

  • MBA

Then: I will learn how to manage a business once I am a MBA
Now: I will learn how to manage a business once I start working


Then: “I love TAPMI”
Now: “I love TAPMI”

– Posted on 5th March 2007. Manipal… what an awesome place to spend 2 years.

  • tudents: 90% of population
  • People play Holi in their groups without troubling anyone else
  • Crime rate: <5%
  • Price of Smirnoff (30ml) : Rs. 23
  • Auto walas decide the rates. If he wants to charge me 50 bucks from college to hostel (which is a ten minute walk), I don’t have an option but to pay
  • If a lady struts around on the road in a bikini, people will assume she is a NRI
  • There is only shoe-shop
  • The roads give “bumpy” an entirely new definition… you will need a new pair of shoes every month, even if they are Nike
  • Any place is a make-out place for couples
  • You can have a hearty meal for 25 bucks
  • Most of Manipal has still not been explored… it is a wilderness, a beautiful one
  • An absolute heaven for couples, a perfect dating place for the singles
  • Any place is a peeing place for the males
  • Any place is 15 mins away
  • To know who is dating who, just visit CCD
  • There are no theaters
  • There are 2 seasons: Monsoons and summer
  • Supermarkets may not stock tooth-brush but will definitely have Hersheys
  • Cartons cost 25 bucks (yep, the ones that shopkeepers usually throw away… they sell them to students at atrocious prices)
  • Cost of any item halves as you leave Manipal
  • National SMS costs 0.5 paise… Call rates are dirt cheap
  • 3Hs of Manipal: Hotels, hostels, hills
  • 3Bs of Manipal: Beaches, beaches, beaches

– Posted on 29th April 2007. How I hate relatives… and here is why.

The title of this post is not related to the post… Let me begin by the comments of a newcomer on this blog…
Him: I just went through ur blog… you write each and everything
Me: no.. thats probably 10% of my life
Him: i find blogs boring… I thought urs would have some hard hitting stuff what with the reputation you have…
Me: (speechless)

With the roses come the brickbats… anyways, the above has nothing to do what I am going to write about.

Relatives are a/an (un)necessary evil. There are very few genuine ones who actually care about you… for the rest, it is a game of upmanship.

The other day some of them decided to deign on my home… There are a few rules we have to follow:

Rule 1: Dress well… with hair pinned neatly. Relatives care about appearances. Every aspect of your body (some, whose existence you were unaware of) will come under scrutiny and you have to be prepared.

Rule 2: Don’t serve water first… serve it after biscuits or snacks… don’t ask me why. It is a Sindhi thing. Even if you are on your death bed craving for water, do understand if I stuff your mouth with the sweet mithais.

Rule 3: Cook authentic Sindhi food… there are very few typical Sindhi dishes… No matter how often you visit a Sindhi home, you will be served the same dishes. It repels me now.
Scene: I am trying to roll a round chappatti and praying (I am an atheist) it looks good, while my cousin looks on… Her remark “Is this the first time you are making rotis?” Don’t worry, I fed her such horrible food, she won’t dare comment on it again.

Rule 4: Answer all the prying questions with minimum number of words… The range of questions can be:
“How old are you?” “Where did you live in B’glore (people don’t know about existence of Manipal)? “What have you studied” “When are you getting married?” “Why do you need to work?” “Whats your salary?” “So, you will be earning Rs. ***** per month, right?”

Rule 5: Try not to give dirty looks when the discussion on marriage begins. Leave it to your parents to tactfully explain, that career comes first.

Rule 6: Do not murder them when they wonder why you need to work. After all, a MBA is good enough to get you a good, gharelu Sindhi guy

Rule 7: Stay calm when they talk while you are watching TV… so what if it is your fav soap and you have been dying to watch it? Gossip (in the loudest tones) comes first.

Rule 8: Serve lunch/dinner to the men and kids first. They have been sleeping in their work place all day… snoozing in a comfy chair is tiring. The one who earns yields the max power.

Rule 9: Don’t ever ask them “When are you leaving?” …. When I was a kid, I had asked my mama (mom’s bro) that, but then I wanted to know how much time I have with him… ‘coz I loved it when he visited.

Rule 10: Try and stay awake until they leave. Try not to fall asleep under the lull of conversation about your descendants…

Rule 11: Don’t become cranky when your maid decides not to turn up… and you have to pitch in… if you don’t, mom will start reminiscing about the hopes she had for you when you were a kid… and how those hopes have been dashed.

– Posted on 19th April 2007. How true. Just dive in and then learn to swim… thats marriage.

Why would 2 people want to spend their entire lives together? I mean, they can take care of themselves… why would they want to live together and put up with each other? Marriage has never made sense to me. Even if I put my doubts aside, the next obvious question is: Who should I marry? Can I ever be so sure about a person?

I decided to ask my best friend who is married and has a kid. This is what she said; “Marriage is such a weird and illogical concept, that if you had to stop and think about it… you wouldn’t do it. So, just close your eyes, trust yourself and go for it. Que sera sera (Whatever will be, will be)”.

“Wise words”; I say.

– Posted on 24th June 2007… days after I joined my first job… and met KC. He was known as KS then.

ome incidents that can only be felt (since they don’t make gr8 conversation material)

  • Working in all sorts of places: slums (mostly), posh areas (rarely)… meeting people from all walks of life
  • Watching a kid sail a paper boat in the puddle of rain water (One of my fav activities as a kid… had even tried to fish with a stick and rope in a pond)
  • The distributor leaving the office in the rain to offer you a lift to the bus/auto. I was touched.
  • Women in the slum gheraoing you (like they do to foreigners) and trying to communicate in Tamil while you reply in English
  • Having your close friend as your neighbour all over again
  • Dressing in your worst (the rains soiled my formals on the previous day)… and your boss decides to accompany you to the market…. IN HIS FORMALS… eeekss!!!
  • Trying on all the pretty clothes at your fav store (Wills Lifestyle)… but buying nothing… I always do that…
  • Detailing your day’s events to the Known Stranger (known as K.S, henceforth)… over dinner on the roof-top restaurant while it is raining.
  • Watching with glee as your bro gets ready to join college (switching to lens, shopping for clothes, gyming, getting a weird hair-cut)… the golden days
  • Craving for Pav Bhaji

– Posted on 17th June 2007… first sales stint in Chennai

Current location: Chennai
Arrived on: 15th June
Duration of stay: 2 weeks
Next destination: Madurai

Weather: Pleasant… humid… (it rained the day I arrived. God is gr8!!!)
No of friends here: None
No of aquaintances here: Not sure

Work timings: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm (excluding time spent commuting)
Time spent commuting: 2 hrs (approx)
Office: hahaaha!!! The market is my work place.
Dress code: A conservative as possible… it doesn’t help that my skin color makes me stand out anyway (A shopkeeper asked the salesman if I am a foreigner… yeeks!!!)

Food: Strictly South Indian… North Indian food is quite bad out here.
Nuisance: Auto-walas and lecherous men (Thankfully, I don’t speak a word of Tamil)
Language: Use sign language to communicate… my Tamil is limited to “cheri” which means “ok”…. and “ille” which means “yes” or “no”… I am not sure which.

– Posted on 2nd June 2007… the biggest change in life. A new job

Tom I leave for the unknown… have had to pack my luggage without a clue as to where I will be, for how long and doing what… I hate to leave… home is such a good place, the most difficult decisions of my day have been what to cook for lunch/dinner… And as things started getting exciting (with bro’s JEE and AIEEE pouring in) I have to leave.

Mom has been cracking jokes about how she is losing 3 maids (me)… and bro is going to miss my laptop. Kya ajeeb log hai!!!

Cheers to a new life and good-bye to the old one… no matter how it turns out, I know I will survive

– Posted on 16th July 2007. A post on my first meeting for arranged marriage. A complete disaster… thankfully.

This post was meant to ridicule someone “new” I met recently…. but I have decided against being so bitchy (for once)… Anyways, I have bitched about him to parents and friends…
Just realised how much first impressions can matter…. when you speak to someone for the first time or meet them…. the other person analyses everything you say/do.

Here are a few DOs… mostly, Don’ts…. inspired from my experience:

  • If you are speaking to someone for the first time on phone… please maintain a formality…. friendly is fine… but nobody cares about your nickname is or how many friends you have in B’glore.
  • Dress carefully for the meeting… coudroy pants are out… people who ever wore them are buried in graves by now
  • Decide a venue where you can afford to pay… This is the worst thing you could say:

Venue: Cafe Brio
Me ordered Lemon n Iced Tea (my fav)… didn’t know about price… didn’t care…
He pays for it (its self-service), comes to table and exclaims; “This is the most expensive Iced tea I have paid for”… Me all guilty for making him spend; “How much is it?”…. Him: “60 bucks”… Me wants to hit him on the head… instead I just classify him as a cheapo…

  • Your cel phone speaks a thousand words about you… a person can be judged according to his cel phone. So, if you are earning 17 lakhs and you own Nokia 2300… there is something wrong with you…. or you lied about your package
  • If the other person offers you their visiting card, do not use it to clean the table so you can rest your elbows… (No, I did not hit him for doing that…. I should have)
  • Do offer to drop the person back (specially if her residence is close by)… offering her a drop to the main road so she can find an auto there (after trying to flag an auto for 15 mins outside the cafe) is cheesy.

I am sure he has some Dos and Donts for me… but this is “my” blog… only my opinion is allowed

– Posted on 7th July 2007.

Before I bid adieu to Tamil Nadu (Chennai & Trichy)… here is a general overview of the place:

(I don’t mean to offend any Tamilians but… )

  • Tamilians speak Tamil with everyone… and are quite surprised when you tell them about your non-Tamil speaking skills….
  • Their meal consists of 4 courses: 1) rice with some dal 2) rice with sambhar 3) rice with curd 4) rice with rasam… The meal is served on a banana leaf (narrow part should be on your left)… some water is sprinkled on the leaf to wash it before serving. Any meal not including rice (e.g breakfast of dosa, idli etc) is called “tiffin”
  • Tamilians find it amazing that you cannot speak “Tamil”… it is inconceivable to them that you can survive inTN without Tamil
  • Tamilian men love th outdoors… specially when they need to pee… don’t be surprised if you find men peeing anywhere at all
  • The men are extremely fond of their genitals…. they need to touch themselves anywhere… at anytime… in front of anyone
  • Every morning and evening, the area outside the house is cleaned and beautiful rangolis are made with a white powder (I don’t know what they are called)
  • Their hospitality increases ten-fold if you are a “white” female (in APC’s words)
  • Gajras are worn by the women all the time… they are as precious as gold

– Posted on 30th August 2007… when Appu was getting married.

This post is dedicated to A1 who is getting married in Nov. The other night I called her.. ‘coz I was in the mood to crib (ain’t I always)…
I asked: What does it feel like… getting engaged and then married??
A1: Good… I have waited so long for this…

Thats what got my thoughts rolling… I know A1 even before she met AC (the guy she is betrothed to)… have seen the ups, downs, loneliness, happiness… I have learned one thing: “When you want something really bad, you get it”

Dear A1,

I am so so so happy for you and so excited about your married life… This does mean we will drift further apart.. but the times/memories we share will always remain… Wish you (actually, wish AC) best of luck.

Since I have mentioned memories… let me recap some of them:

  • Our fav hangout- footpath outside the hostel where we spent innumerable nights enjoying the breeze, chai/coffee and gossip. Of course, we also got to watch the couples which kept us abreast of the happenings at TAPMI
  • The nights when we (A1 and me) got drunk… and A2 had a good time watching us act silly
  • The New Year’s celebration at midnight at KMC Greens(I am very very sorry for not making it last year… I did try my best)
  • One of the best hols at Turtle Bay Beach Resort where we celebrated placements… remember how we sang at the top of our voices???
  • The movies we watched together… Cider house rules, Road trip, Harry Potter etc
  • And the parties… how can I forget the parties? Where we danced till our feet hurt… even after that. Remember how we hugged each other on farewell?
  • How did we drive away our frustration with guys… by watching “Sex and the City”… all the girls in one room cheering female power… at its best
  • The b’day celebrations… we attended those only for the cake…
  • The fights… tears… misunderstandings… instead of weakening the bond, it has only strengthened it
  • During our summer project, we had conferences on yahoo mssngr and chatted for as long as it could… I was never lonely even when I was alone
  • The discussions ranging from books, movies, acads, people, relationships, world affairs… everything under the sun
  • The little habits that we have… A1 is always late… A2 is too punctual… Me?? I am always confused… A2 loves to shop, A1 is too lazy… and me??? I am cribbing all the time
  • Remember working in the same group in 2nd year? I thought friends cannot work together… I was so wrong. I loved brain-storming with you two. A2, remember how we completed the research paper and we scored the highest grades in that?
  • A2… we were on the verge of excluding you when you were top 10 ranker in class… but A1 and I had faith in you… you did try to bring your grades to our (low) level… Thats friendship!!!
  • A1… Kudremukh is one of my best failed trips… We had not planned anything (rather I had not planned anything)… we landed at Kudremukh where there were no autos, hotels, restaurants… I wanted to keep going and you wanted us to return… while X-Roomie placated both of us
  • A2… Your one fierce look can freeze A1 and me… We are so scared of your temper
  • We were awake till late at night making the Valetine’s gift… you guys hated all my pics… too bad, that didn’t last
  • Shopping ain’t fun anymore… I don’t have you around to go through each item and critique it
  • The giggling, the cribbing, gossiping… just being ourselves.

Love you…


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