And how everything is so hopeless I don't know whether to laugh or cry

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This is the conversation (un-edited) I had with the authority at my B school right now. Rage on… people. How is this different from what the defense lawyer said?

This is so hopeless, should I laugh or cry?

Me: I would like to share this- on sexual harassment at *****

Hopefully, it does not exist anymore

Him: “If it was upto me, I would want women to dress in sarees but it’s not upto me so you can wear what ever”

I still say it. You know why?

Me: It doesn’t matter. That’s not the point

This is how I, as a woman feel

Him: Since you’ve accused me, I want to know what your assumptions were

Me: I haven’t accused you… my accusations come later… I have accused the students

And if that is the only part which irks you or enrages you… your reading it does not help make any change

Him: It has nothing to do with your being a woman. It was to do with MY being a tongue-in-the-cheek person

Me: In today’s times, there are some things which are better left unsaid

You cannot said that in a corporate work place

But… like I mentioned, the reason it is mentioned first is because that is the least of the issues

Him: I know saree is most difficult to manage and I joke with lady students it should be the uniform.

Me: What I and all other women faced is worse

I am sharing it so I hope you can ensure there are ethics maintained in *****… and not just for plagiarism

Him: You don’t know a bloody thing what I’m facing here to protect girls and you talk like a 50 year old mother hen. Come over here and give your gan to your idiot juniors. They cause me anguish.

Me: That’s not my job

I spoke up more than once in *****… nobody gave a damn

Him: Good bye. You were ineffective then and now. I gave you a chance to talk to students. You’re shirking.

Me: Talk about what?

***** needs to have stricter rules like they do for plagiarism

What about student body?

What happens to complaints raised?

Him: How there needs to be mutual respect and how we he to collectively protect ourselves from such miscreants

Me: Do the complaints reach an authority? Why not?

Him: Yes. I threw a politician’s son out last week due to harassing a girl.

If complaints don’t reach ask your SEC

Me: At my workplace I complained all the way to the MD to be heard. That shouldnt be the case in *****

Him: They protect their friends. This girl came to ME

Me: And yes, I learned ethics at *****… I still follow them…

Him: Listen lady…

Me: Yes, well, the student body asked me not to go to you directly

I am not throwing accusations… just so you can ensure such things don’t happen

Him: We have created a system of SEC based on trust. If they’re ineffective you had the administration to go to. What stopped you?

Me: Wow…

Him: B coz. …?

Him: This conversation is over. Thank you for your time




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