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Last weekend was my last long run of 2015 and the 2nd last long run before Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon on 17th Jan’16. I am running the half marathon there. The tickets are booked, vacation post the run is planned and all I have to do is train well. While training for a half, all training plans make you run till 16/17 km. It is assumed that the last 4-5 km will be manageable on D day and you will complete. This is perfect if the goal is to finish. But if I want to finish strong and have a timing target, this training does not work. I need to train for 21 km and not 16 km. The last 4-5 km are very, very important because that is when motivation is low, I am exhausted and the people around me will be first time runners who won’t push themselves in the last few kms. Also, I need to sprint in the last 4-5 km. I need to train for that.

So, this time instead of running 16 km I decided to run 21 km. Logistics were a problem. Sun rise is between 6:30-7 am. Running for 2.5-3 hrs means it will be 9.30-10 am by the time I finish. Running on the road means dealing with traffic and I would have to carry enough hydration with me. I decided to participate in an organised run where all this will be taken care of. The only run happening was New Delhi Marathon’s promotion run- 12 hrs run by Adidas. Basically, elite runners will run for 12 hours (with breaks for food and medical check up every 2 hours) on a 400 metre track at Jawaharlal Nehru stadium. Others could participate in the 12 hrs relay where 6 members can participate. They have to run 2 hours each and the team which covers the maximum distance would be the winner. I think the winning team ran around 130 km in 12 hrs.

There were 3 tracks blocked for people who just wanted to run. I decided to run there since there would be hydration. After 4 km on the track, I got bored and took off to

Safdarganj tomb-Lodi gardens-2 loops inside Lodi-India gate-back to stadium-500 m on the track.

I think I will continue this kind of training for all half marathons.

I don’t have a timing target for SCMM because last/this year was a dud. I completed in 3 hours. Anything I do will be an improvement over that.


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