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Umm… hmm… umm… Where do I begin? KC didn’t like it… I did.

Aisha is a simple movie… about love, match making, Aisha, Delhi high society. It has been years since I read Emma (the book this movie claims to be based on). There was a phase when I read all Jane Austens one after the other and all the stories are muddled by in my mind… there is Pride and Prejudice (have read and re-read and re-re-read it), there is sense and sensibility about 2 sisters… and some more.
Anyway, the movie is a total rip off of ‘Clueless’ with one difference… Abhay and Sonam share a sarcastic friendship in this movie while in Clueless Alicia’s half brother (the hero) was sympathetic and patient with her.
Sonam fits the role very well… she is every inch the spoilt brat who thinks meddling in other people’s life is doing social work and helping them. Ira Dubey reminds me of Lilette Dubey. Their voice is so similar. Somehow she reminds me of the female in Monsoon Wedding but thats not her.
Abhay Deol is damn good… as always.. Cyrus is every inch the “loser” he is playing.
The characters may seem far fetched to some people but I have come across such people. A lot of females (I know some of them) stay home waiting to get married and have enough time on their hands.
I loved the portrayal of Delhi high society.
Gals will love it… men, not so much.
AND the clothes surpass expectations… I have been reading so much about them… Sonam is dressed beautifully in every scene. At times the movie does become a brand endorsement for L’Oreal… Dior… LV… Bru etc but thats ok.
Anil Kapoor should have launched Sonam with this flick instead of the other duds. I still don’t like her… but atleast she has done something right.

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  1. evrywhr else i hv got the bad reviews (by GALS)
    why do u hv to give me always the opposite view from others and confuse me 🙁

    PS: nt tht it hasnt made much difference – i havent watched a new movie since ages :((

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