Airtel Delhi Half Marathon

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I have taken to running in a big way. I started with walking… Added jogging and now it is a mix of all three. Trying to get to a point where I am only running.
The ADHM is on 15th Dec. I registered for the 6 km run on the day the registration opened. KC also agreed to participate. And the training started. Sundays are my 6 km days. During the week I clock 4.5 km. Despite this, the 6 km does exhaust me.
Through Facebook I got to know about a trial run scheduled on the half marathon route today. A few people decided to organize it. The run was to start at 6.30 am from JLN stadium in Delhi.
KC and I woke up at 5.15 am and rushed to Delhi. We reached as they were about to start. Most had turned up for the 20 km run. In fact, KC and I were the only ones who returned after 6 km. This is what happened, we missed the route briefing and I was vaguely aware about the route. We followed the crowd. After 3 km, we had to take a U turn and then head back on the same route. During the last km, nobody seemed to be heading back. We didn’t see anyone doing the 6 km, they were all practising for half marathon. KC and I headed down another route and got lost. We had to circle the entire stadium to find our car. Whew!!! It was an additional 1 km. We had a fitting lunch at Sarwana Bhawan at CP. It opens at 8 am.
Also, I completed 6 km in 30 mins. It normally takes 50 mins. I guess it helps to run in a group…. Makes you run faster to keep up.

Next year is Half Marathon for sure.

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