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Last night’s AIB Roast on youtube has my mind churning. Please watch it first and then read this post. Else don’t read it.

Like everyone else I was disappointed that the show was live only in Mumbai. I would have attended, depending on the ticket prices. When it comes to prices for entertainment, I only spend more than 1500 bucks for my runs. Like I want to attend the Peter Russell show but I can’t because ticket prices start at 2500 bucks. That’s a lot of money to watch someone insult/abuse/be rude/crib and complain. Not enough ROI.

I was glued to my laptop 8 pm onwards when the AIB roast was supposed to be uploaded. It got delayed to 9 pm and 8.55 pm onwards I was refreshing twitter and youtube every minute. KC and I laughed our asses off while watching it. But once it was over, we realized that it had a lot of flaws. A LOT.

Just want to mention a few here:

– The roasters didn’t seem to know each other very well. For example, nobody knew much about Raghu. Rajeev and Raghu didn’t know much about Aditi. Etc etc etc. Either that or they edited stuff out

– 1 point was picked on for every person and all the jokes were on that. For Ashish Shakya, it was his dark colour, for Rohan it was his link to Bhatt family, for Tanmay it was his obesity, for Ranveer Singh it was his philandering ways, for Karan Johar it was all about how he is gay, for Arjun Kapoor it was the lack of acting talent. When everyone cracks jokes on the same thing it becomes repetitive

– There were a lot of abuses. I don’t mind or even shy away from abuses. They are part of my language (which is not a good thing). BUT sometimes it felt like the abuses were used to scandalize or added because there were no jokes. This was most obvious in the case of Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh

All in all, the roast was fun but I wouldn’t pay money to watch it. Definitely not 4000 bucks. It is 100 times overpriced.

On a Sunday I have the option of watching a comedy show or play or movie or meeting friends for drinks at a  pub or going out for dinner or taking a tour of Delhi with Seek Sherpa etc etc etc. All of these compete for my time and money on a weekend. And I evaluate which one is going to give me the most enjoyment and be memorable and then I decide on that option. Like a play or a good movie transports me to a different world. It entertains me. It rejuvenates me. And sometimes even increases my knowledge about something.

What does a comedy show do? Make me laugh for a few minutes. Is that enough entertainment? Is it worth even 1500 bucks? Makes me wonder. Somewhere I think people forget that they are competing with different mediums of entertainment and pricing tickets too high will only be detrimental in the long run. Most of the comics perform in English making the audience base small. If I stop going for the stand up comedy shows again and again, how will they get an audience?

Also, there are 2 extremes in comedians:

– Those who abuse to scandalize. For a lot of people hearing abuses from someone on stage is amusement and entertainment. I won’t put names here but there are some comedians who liberally use abuses to replace the lack of jokes

– Those who don’t abuse or even crack non-veg jokes. Yes, comedians like that exist. Example- Kenneth Sebastian- my favourite. Or Kanan Gill- not that funny but hot. Biswa – haven’t attended his stand up but his 5 mins stand up at open mic in Bangalore was pretty good and clean.

I guess that is the reason why I haven’t been to Manhattan in a long time. I don’t want to spend money unless am 100% sure of a good time plus something extra.

Too Sindhi? Maybe. But I can’t help it, it’s in my blood.

4 thoughts on “AIB Roast

  1. I watched it yesterday after a lot of people raving about it on facebook and twitter. It was nice. But even i wouldnt pay 4000 bucks to watch it .
    And what was with the bad words. It was like you cant do comedy without bad words.

  2. See, you agree that it was excessive abuse for no reason here but then you did do a 180 to justify it being put up – why torture people with profanity when not needed or doesn’t add any value. I don’t see a good outcome of it. It might not be the best option to ban something but if you just create shows for scandals they should be banned and not be allowed at all.
    And yes , I still debate of its impact and shows like that on kids – I hate these; kids are impacted even before their brain development has reached anywhere near maturity.

    • Artee…. people paid 4k for the show and nobody complained about it. There are people who like profanities… you cannot stop them from watching such stuff. You don’t like it, don’t watch it.
      As for kids, you cannot protect kids. I will be the kind of mother who gives her kids sex education, hands them their first condoms/contraceptives and watches these videos along with them. You cannot… cannot… keep kids away from this.
      And are you really arguing about a video with abuses Vs videos with child pornography on youtube? C’mon!!!

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