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Hi… by now you would have already watched the movie or atleast the reviews. So, my review is quite belated. Nevertheless, here my 2 cents. I will do 2 reviews- one for the new movie assuming it is entirely different- just to be fair and second will be a comparison between the old and new.

Btw, do check out Dipta’s review (link in sidebar), it is bang on.
Review 1:
I had not watched the old Agneepath when I watched the new one. So, I saw it with an open mind and no reason for comparisons. Of course, I have seen a lot of movies with Amitabh as “angry young man”. So, I knew what it must be all about.
The movie begins on a very depressing note- with Hrithik’s dad getting falsely implicated and hanged to death by Sanjay Dutt- Kancha Cheena. He takes him mother to Mumbai where she delivers a baby girl. Vijay’s life spirals into a life of crime henceforth. He is obsessed with revenge and joins the gang of Rishi Kapoor. He double crosses Rishi and takes revenge from Kancha. He dies in the end.
It is funny how nobody in Hrithik’s family has green eyes- not even his childhood. How difficult can it be to cast a kid with green eyes or cast his sis with green eyes? Hrithik looks like a male model in the slum- no Mumbaiya lingo, well dressed, deliberately unshaved… very out of place. The sad truth is there is no actor today who can play a realistic tapori. Gone are the days of Jackie Shroff, Mithun or Anil Kapoor. Actors today are too image conscious to play to the lower class. The exceptions are Salman (I do not like him, so lets ignore) and Aamir. I think Aamir’s tapori act in Rangeela exceeded expectations. Which hero today would agree to wear yellow pants and jacket? (Salman, excepted). Sad.
Priyanka plays a giggling, talkative bimbo. I hate such characters. I wanted to reach out and slap her hard. And then the crying- there was too much of it. After all, it is a Karan Johar movie. Hrithik was either crying or getting beaten up. I cannot imagine Amitabh like that. No ways.
I do not like Sanjay Dutt and watching him look uglier than ever did not help.
Please avoid. Save your hard earned money. It ain’t worth it.
Review 2:
All curious, I downloaded the old Agneepath and watched it on Sunday. The best characters- Mithun, Neelam, Shetty etc have been edited out of the new version. Why? Mithun was so much fun and Neelam is so cute. I loved Amitabh’s rasping voice, the way he survived 4 bullets in the chest, how he swam in the Mauritius waters when bombed. Its unreal and ENTERTAINING. He did not cry and yet managed to exude the anguish and pain. Oh, the best part was Kancha Cheena… he is not some bald, ugly, psycho man. He is a suave, sexy, chic Danny. I have never seen him look this handsome. Thats what a don is supposed to look like.
You know my verdict… loved the old one… hated the new one even without watching the old one.

2 thoughts on “Agneepath- Then and Now

  1. totally amazing reviews. I cannot stand Hrithik. He gives me the jitters. His over acting, his way of over doing every little details can exhaust me.

    I was giving this one a miss anyways. I loved mithun in the old version and Amitabh being Amitabh and what he does best. Some remakes do not stand a chance in todays slick world. Another disaster in making is going to be Agent Vinod. There is nothing mysterious about Saif and it is a remake of a B grade movie with the same title.

  2. Thanks. I do like Hrithik, have not hated him in any movie till now.
    I do not understand why someone would make a remake of a Bollywood movie. Regional or Hollywood is understandable.

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