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I was chatting with S in the morning and she told me how in college she was caught reading Mills and Boon. The nuns thought she is a lesbian (don’t ask me the logic behind this thinking) and called her mother. S and her mom later had an argument about what is wrong with being a lesbian. No, S is not a lesbian.

This is what I told KC:

Me : Shit. Why didn’t I just tell my parents am a lesbian. There would be screaming, shouting, tears, a few heart attacks and then I would have introduced them to you. Ta.. da… see, I want to marry a guy because am a bisexual. They would have been too relieved to care

Him- Well, smarty pants. It’s a little too late for that now

It got me thinking. I have wasted my education in a convent all girls boarding school. I studied in a town where Gujjus go to drink on the weekend. And yet, I never touched alcohol… did not smoke… never doped and did not even come close to kissing a girl. What a waste of all the money my parents spent.

This is what I would like to tell all teenagers (Btw, why would any teenager read a 30 year old’s blog?) –

  • Have fun
  • Don’t think so much
  • Those grades? Nobody cares. NOBODY. Except for the boards. Those matter
  • What you will remember are the moments you spent and not the grades. Never the grades.
  • Take risks… but smart ones. Like, have sex but with protection
  • It’s ok to try anything once
  • Don’t get hung up on morals and shit. You will anyway lose them all once you start working
  • Don’t think before you speak- enough time for that once you grow up
  • You don’t know you are straight till you have been intimate with both sexes. Don’t shy away from experimentation
  • Love deeply. Hurt deeply. After a certain age, feeling anything is a blessing.
  • Eat that pastry. You won’t have that high metabolism forever
  • Don’t be a prude. Please don’t. Prudes are boring and stuck up and nobody likes them
  • Stand up for yourself. Don’t let anyone touch you ‘accidentally’ and get away with it. IT’S NOT OK.
  • You will not marry the first guy/gal you fall in love with. And that’s a good thing. So, chill. Don’t let him/her walk all over you
  • Write every poem in your head. Because that won’t last forever


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