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Hi people… Its been a while since I have posted. But I have been so busy and exhausted. Generally, lack of time is not my problem… too much time is. I am laid up in bed with viral today. Very fitting actually because day before yesterday I told a colleague how I have not fallen ill since I started running and gymming. He must be laughing at me now.

Last night I came home and puked my guts out. And then started shivering. I felt like I was back at Pangong lake in Leh where I stepped near the lake without enough warm clothes. Actually, KC was ill on the journey and I loaned him my very warm overcoat. I was at the lake for 10 mins but once we reached the tents I started shivering and couldn’t stop all night. It was very, very scary. There are no hospitals or doctors there. One needs to be airlifted to reach the nearest medical facility. Thankfully the next morning I was ok. But we skipped the next leg of our trip and stayed back in Leh. I do not have good memories of the Leh Ladakh trip and will definitely not go back.

So yeah… the shivering was irritating. I hate being cold… am just not a winter person. Sure, I like wearing coats, stockings, gloves, berets.. but thats about it. I’d rather be warm than cold. KC drove me to the doctor who made light of the situation; “Just a viral… will be ok in 2 days… all vitals are normal… don’t even need an injection”. KC asked him twice; “She doesn’t need an injection?” like no injection means no treatment. In the morning I felt better, even watched some youtube videos but then I slept and now am back to feeling like shit.

The problem is also that I haven’t rested since the half marathon. On Sunday, I got a massage once I was home… then we rushed for a movie (Interstellar… please avoid it)… and reached home at midnight. On Monday, I wanted to take the day off but my manager wanted me in office for a meeting (which didn’t happen ultimately). After work I rushed to meet an acquaintance who I haven’t seen in 9 years in GTB nagar (1 hours one way by metro). On the way I wondered if I over committed… I was exhausted and was not wearing anything warm. All I wanted to do was curl up in bed but am glad I went. It’s nice to meet someone from so long ago. And it was comforting to know she is also not in touch with people from college. I feel sad that I am not in touch with anyone from engineering days. I guess that we lived in a time without smartphones making it difficult to keep in touch. Like, I wasn’t in touch with school friends either but have re-connected over the years. Or maybe even when in college there were not many people whose sensibility matched mine so it was easier to drift apart.

On Tuesday, I was looking forward to meet a colleague. The best part about my current team is that most of us are MBAs… we are around the same age… youngest is 4 years younger and oldest is 5 years older. Unfortunately, all of us meet once in 2 months. The whole day was spent in Noida Ghaziabad and I was dead tired by the time I came home.

Yesterday, I wasn’t feeling too well in office (that should have given me hint but I just assumed the AC was turned on too high) and met 2 of the colleagues in Gurgaon market. We went to Saket in the evening for work, have drinks and come back. Guess what… none of our Citibank credit or debit cards worked because Citibank was having technical issues. We literally had no money and had to return without drinks. Which in a way is a blessing because I would have felt worse after drinks.

Coming to ADHM… it was good but not great. Weird, right? I mean, I waited the whole year for this one day. It was the event which made me take up running seriously. The problem is that I was looking forward to running on the beautiful roads of Delhi and enjoying the sights. What happened was that the only things I could see were people… everywhere. The roads had barricades on the side blocking the views. Also, every article will tell you that you should start slow. Your first 10 km should be slower than your last 11 km. But, I realized that its impossible to slow down when everyone around you is going so fast. Without meaning to, my first 10 km were much faster than the next 11 km. I tried to slow down… which was a mistake because after 10 km so many people got tired and started walking. I tried so hard to pick up pace but it was an effort. Thats when I realized- we don’t run with our bodies… we run with our minds. Next half marathon- Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon on 18th Jan, I will just let people around me decide my pace. But I have decided to run the full marathon- 42 km in Jan 2016 in Mumbai since Delhi does not have a full marathon. I contacted the Gurgaon trainer for Reebok Running Squad and he asked me to join his team of 40 other people every Saturday and Sunday morning.

I completed my half marathon in 2 hours 48 mins which is quite good since I was targeting 2 hours 45 mins. I would have saved 3 mins if I wasn’t trying to slow down in the first 10 km. Also, my previous half marathon was in 3 hours 15 mins. Sure, the weather was terrible… very, very hot and it was trail run which is a run in the jungle… and on uneven ground… but still.

Ok… am off. Too tired. My calves and feet hurt like hell. Oh, and I need to take a bath.

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