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That’s me screaming whenever Dettol ad comes on TV which is quite often. I hardly watch TV and yet I have been super annoyed by the shitty ad. I can’t think of one good ad on TV right now. What’s happening? Is this the same place where we had fabulous

Mentos, Happydent, Feviquick, Gold Spot, Pepsi, Coke etc ads? Dearth of good ideas or bad marketers have taken over big organizations?

I am trolling Dettol India on twitter right now to withdraw the ad. Please join me if you have excess of time.

And here the funniest things I read on twitter about this ad:

Bhayanak Puppy ‏@BhayanakPuppy 

The 0.01% germs that Dettol couldn’t kill, killed themselves after watching the ‘Dettol Dettol Dettol‘ ad.

 I was pointing out to ‘Bhayanak Puppy’ that he is a man while he claimed to be a woman. When I stood my ground, he accused me of being jealous of him. Irony- someone called ‘bhayanak puppy’ thinks am jealous of him

Bhayanak Puppy ‏@BhayanakPuppy 

The person who composed the ‘Dettol Dettol Dettol‘ ad jingle is the same person who writes speeches for Rahul Gandhi.

Amreekan Desi ‏@amreekandesi 

Lifebuoy have made a nice Dettol soap ad.

Ha!!! Definitely going to support the nearest competitor now 

The Bad Doctor ‏@doctoratlarge 

Dettol kills 99.99% germs – the remaining are killed by its toxic ad

Gabbbar ‏@GabbbarSingh 

Best job in the world is of that guy who got paid to write the Lyrics of the Dettol jingle.

I cannot believe people get paid for this. Atleast Honey Singh’s songs have some lyrics and they vaguely rhyme  

Gappistan Radio ‏@GappistanRadio 

Finally saw “The Dettol” ad. Threw away the Dettol bottles in home after watching the ad. I can’t be using anything associated with that!

 I am not buying Dettol or Reckitt products ever again 

Abhishek Madan ‏@abhishekmadan 

“meet my servant Hodor”

“hi Hodor”

“and this is Hodor’s brother”

“oh, what’s his name?”


 Game of Thrones joke which am not going to explain. You shouldn’t even be on my blog if you don’t get this 

clfrd ‏@cliffordsouza 

India’s worst performance today by far has been the Dettol jingle.

BleedBlue ‏@shan_daar 

That kid was hurt more after people starting singing dettol dettol

lorem ipsum ‏@floydimus 

Dettol made the ad jingle so cringeworthy for people to cut themselves on hearing it & then buy Dettol.

Rahul Lalchandani ‏@LALUMMLAL 

If your family sings a Dettol song everytime you go for a bath…you need a new soap and a new family! #IndvsPak

Yo Yo LOLendra Singh ‏@LOLendraSingh 

The legacy of Idea’s IIN ad is being taken forward by Dettol.

Which is worse- IIN or Dettol? Hard to pick 

iRuin Gandhi ‏@RahulDumbGandhi 

Dettol : Kills 99.9% germs

Dettol Ad : Kills 99.9% Humans #Fail

Vishveshwar Jatain ‏@eclecticV 

Dettol, dettol, dettol, dettol, dettol…♫

*pulls the Beretta M9, shoots a bunch of people*

That’s better.

*goes back to work*

Sarcasm ‏@Drunk_Lines 

Saw the new Dettol ad and punched the TV screen.

Now applying Dettol to my wounded hand.

Great Marketing tactic. :3

Marketers – any publicity is NOT good publicity. Bad publicity is … bad. I can imagine Reckitt honchos justifying this as ‘atleast people are talking about it’… ‘interaction levels are through the roof’ etc etc etc.

I am trolling Dettol India and trying to get the ad off the air. Join me in this noble cause?



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