A very Happy New Year!!!

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Hi.. people. Right now is the only time I have time to relax… chill… and do nothing. Ok, I am washing clothes simultaneously but like KC says; “Putting clothes in the machine and drying them does not count as washing them”.
How was New Year’s? How was 2012? How will 2013 be?

New Year’s was good. I was in Gurgaon and it was cold… freezing cold. On 29th evening, we headed to Select City Walk Mall ‘coz I wanted to shop at Sephora. Sephora is one of the biggest retail chains for beauty care/personal care/cosmetics. I have read so much about it on blogs and have been following its opening for more than 2 months… My views about Sephora?

  • It has brands like Oscar Bandi, NYX, Benefit, Soap and Glory, Burt’s Bees, Sephora etc. It does not have NARS, Makeup Forever and many more available abroad. So, thats a bummer. I had been looking forward to Makeup Forever since their only store in Mumbai closed down last year. 
  • The products are priced are above 1000 bucks for everything. There were every few products for less than 1k which is very, very high for make up/personal care. Benefit products are priced above 2k. The rates are lower abroad so this is another bummer. All these brands are available in some local stores like Kunchals in Delhi’s GK market. The prices are similar.
  • All the best sellers and products I wanted to buy were out of stock- Oscar Blandi’s dry shampoo, NYX matte lipsticks, Stila bronzer… anything I picked up was out of stock. And that too within one week
  • The store was very, very crowded when I visited. Most women were not aware about the brands but had to buy something since it is the new store in town. That was kind of hilarious. 
  • Overall, its a good store and will do well in Delhi. I don’t know about its potential in other cities (Will open in Mumbai this year or next). If it reduces the prices, it can give competition to local brands. 
  • I will visit this month and will hopefully pick up my most wanted.
  • I did buy a hand salve from Burt’s Bees (around 500 bucks… lip balms were 800 bucks!!!), Benefit Porfessional for around 2k (covers pores and acts as make up base), Sephora red gloss cum lipstick for 800 bucks, Sephora nail stickers for 600 bucks (very limited range but the stickers are excellent), BB cream for 1300 bucks (don’t remember the brand but coverage is excellent)
We didn’t do much on New Year’s. Generally, our NY’s are low key. Everything so pricey and crowded… its just not worth it. It was good to see soooo many cops- male as well as female around all the pubs. But the other areas did not have any security. We saw youngsters buying dope in Galleria market (the biggest and poshest market in Gurgaon), drinking beer on the benches and drinking in the car. I do not understand Delhites’ obsession with drinking in the car. What’s wrong with drinking at home??? Or maybe, most people stay in joint families and their cars are the only place which provides a cheap drinking place. Someone please enlighten me. 
How was 2012??? A mixed bag… like any year. Below are highlights:
  • Professionally, most part of the year was boring. I was pretty bored in my work. I had not learned anything new in 2 years and it was getting to me. In the beginning of the month I knew whether the targets would be met or not and by how much. Thats a great situation for the organization but not for me. The last 2 months have been relaxed. Work has started coming my way now and I like it. 
  • I lost weight – 4 kgs through diet and workout… I did it without spending any money- no dietitians or expensive gym memberships. I also learned more about my body… how far I can push it and when I should stop. This has been a big learning.
  • I started working out… jogging, skipping, crunches, yoga, strength training etc… all at home. Jogging was the biggest motivation. I miss jogging these days (too cold and dark in the mornings). I was amazed by how far my body can push itself… 
  • I got promoted in Jazz… after 8 months. Best part. 
  • KC and I had to separate.. again. We have not lived together from Jan-Dec in any year. Weird!!! 
  • Had the worst experience in the Andheri house… and I am still following up with the owner and broker on my money. Just 2500 bucks left with them. 
  • Hate Mumbai… the worst city ever. 
  • Realized Delhi/Gurgaon is where I want to settle down. This is a very important realization since I did not know it until now
  • My dressing sense has improved drastically and I like to call it the ‘Delhi influence’. 
  • Baking/Cooking- Lot of experiments – some successful and others not so… but all of them fun
And 2013??? Next post. 

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