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It has been a productive day. I worked out for 1-1.5 hours- 40 mins of walk/jog in the morning and upper body in the evening. I am mostly power walking rather than running right now. It takes time to build the stamina.

My colleagues keep asking me what I do over the weekend. It is such a rude question. Do I need to have someone around to do something? I am used to watching movies alone… or eating at a restaurant. I am not the sort of person who seeks out company for the sake of it. If good company is available, great… else, life still goes on.

Most people have never eaten alone… 95% of the junta has never watched a movie alone. That is kind of shocking. It is not ‘coz they have never had the opportunity… but ‘coz they are so scared of being alone. You have to like yourself… enjoy your own company… to be able to spend time alone.

I remember coming across 2 colleagues in a mall few months back on a Saturday evening. They asked me; “Shopping alone?” Well, I prefer to shop alone… Even if KC is around, I don’t take him shopping unless I have to. I can’t shop at my pace with him around… he does not have the same drive, stamina or enthusiasm for it.

I sympathize with people who have always stayed in their comfort zone and done what is expected of them. I am surprised when people are surprised that I am staying away from KC. My mom did it… for our education…. not once but twice. I sometimes wonder which planet these people live in.

I am done venting… wanted to write about this for a long time now.

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  1. I ate alone for the first time in Manipal I guess-outside. Office canteen at mangalore doesn’t count! 🙂 After that I haven’t felt any issue about it. Watching a movie alone is something I am still unable to do – cant finish huge popcorn all by self 😉

    Oh and BTW people from different ages are staying together right now on this planet 🙂 so don’t bother.

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