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Hiya… I have been following the news on an hourly basis… fb, twitter, ndtv, newspapers… everywhere. I am proud of Delhites… while rest of the country celebrates the holidays, they are battling it out in the cold. Kudos!!!
Its a lame duck Govt. I have always disliked BJP ‘coz of their pro Hindutva agenda. Now I am wondering whats worse… Congress- nothing seems to shake them up or BJP- with its division on religious lines.
I am keeping my fingers crossed… I hope this time people get the message that women’s safety and equality is no laughing matter.

It has been a busy month… very busy. Let me update:
– I shifted into the new place on 1st Dec
– On the weekend of 8th Dec, KC came for an impromptu visit and I managed to get a lot of things settled. Thankfully, he loves the place. He keeps telling me I am living like a queen since its a 2bhk
– On 10th, my best friend got married in Bhilai. I don’t do weddings… find them too boring. I never take the trouble of travelling to attend a wedding… but this time, I had to be there. It was not a regular, normal wedding. She had gone through a lot of trouble and pain to get married to this particular guy… just like me. Except in her case, her parents gave in finally. Also, she was the only one to attend my wedding. Imagine a place full of strangers at your wedding and having only one familiar face. I attended her reception but slept through the wedding and then woke up for her bidaai. I wore a saree… first time after the wedding.
– On 14th, I flew to Jaipur for the Annual Conference. AC is always fun ‘coz I get to meet people from other locations. It is a good place to network and meet up people. I won an award (just like last year) so it was great.
– From Jaipur I travelled to Gurgaon and did everything I wanted to- had b’fast at Choco La… went to Select City walk and had lunch at Amici Cafe. I wanted to check if Sephora had opened (it opened this weekend)… went for a movie- Life of Pi… had Chicken Biryani at Coco Palm
– I joined my Jazz classes. Yep… its back to Jazz. Unfortunately, I have to start at the beginning… from beginners. But the instructor mentioned that he will promote me to the next level in a month or two. The classes are in Bandra and I have joined an open batch… which means I can either attend the Wed/Sat class or 2 hours on Sunday. Travelling from Mulund to Bandra is a pain… and I am trying to figure out the best way to do so. Imagine, I travel for 2-3 hours for a 1 hour class… but its worth it
– This weekend KC is here and I managed to get a gas connection. I cooked a meal on Saturday night- rotis, rice, sabji and daal. Awesome!!! So, the kitchen is up and running. KC is my lucky charm… everytime he comes I manage to get something important done
– Now, only 3 days of work… and then off to Gurgaon on Friday night for New Years. KC didn’t want me to spend money and come but I cannot stay alone on New Year’s. I am not so broke as of yet. Some things are more important than money.

Hope you all had a merry X’mas… 

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