A love story

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I was ready by 3.30 am but the cab wouldn’t arrive before 3.45 am, at the earliest. Being punctual sucks sometimes. The noise and the lights didn’t wake him up. Maybe he slept late again. I didn’t even hear him enter the bedroom and he had strict instructions not to disturb my deep sleep by trying to hug me.

The cab was almost here and I didn’t have the heart to wake him up and tell him am leaving. I imagined leaving quietly and his waking up to an empty and silent house. It broke my heart. I reached over to give a quick peck on the forehead without leaving my pink fuschia lipgloss marks. He woke up.

“Go to sleep. Am leaving”

“No. No. I will see you till the door”.

And he did.

Like always.

And waited till the lift arrived.


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