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This is a disjointed post with a whole lot of my opinions on random topics like clothes, food, fitness, diets etc etc.

Disclaimer: I follow certain rules in my life. That does not mean am judging you if you do things differently. Or maybe I am. Not that it really matters, right?


I have had a terrible dressing sense most of my life. I wore bad clothes… not horrible… but not upto my potential. Then I moved to Gurgaon and my life changed. At every step there were beautiful and ordinary looking women making the effort to look good. I started reading fashion blogs, browsing pinterest and scouting instagram for outfit ideas. I tried new trends, experimented with clothes and different styles and realized that am pretty good at this stuff. Who knew, right? My dressing style evolved and then changed. And now I follow certain rules for dressing.

– Most days I dress well. There is a certain thought behind everything I wear. It isn’t something I pull out of my wardrobe last minute. Earlier, I would plan the outfit every night. Now, I do it in the morning. There are very few days when am not feeling inspired enough to dress well. I hate to look boring even at work. My outfit makes me excited about going to work.

– I don’t like to accessorize. I put so much effort into my clothes, shoes, make up and hair that there is little left for accessories. And jewellery boggles my mind. I don’t know what will look good and what won’t. Shopping for jewellery is like shopping for sarees. I go blank.

– I try everything once…. and then decide whether I want to continue wearing it. You will find everything in my wardrobe- maxis, long skirts, short skirts, skorts, rompers, dresses, palazzos, culottes, jumpsuits, dungarees, lace, shirt dress etc. Whether I continue to buy a style of clothing depends on whether it suits my body, I can carry it off and if am comfortable. I am happy to mention that I can carry off most of them.

– I hate Indian wear. I don’t know which man conceived of the saree. In summers, wearing the whole 9 yards is torture. And in winters, showing your waist is a great way to die through cold. The blouse digs into my waist and so does the petticoat. It is a great garment to torture women. And it does not look sexy… at all. I mean, why would I want to look at waists which are bulging? We wouldn’t wear crop tops but happily show our non sexy waists in a saree. I don’t get it. I have 2 sarees bought during the wedding and I alternate between them for weddings. For the most part, I avoid all weddings. Because let’s face it. Nobody enjoys a wedding- not the people who don’t give a fuck but are invited anyway, the bride or groom who have to look ridiculous in their gaudy clothes and make up, not the parents who have to waste all that money on showing off…. to people who don’t give a fuck. And if people hate the groom/bride/parents, they are going to crib about the wedding anyway. Why bother? A cousin of mine was carried in a paalki in Mumbai. I was so glad I didn’t attend such a ridiculous waste of hard earned money.

– Jumpsuits. I do not understand this. When did it become acceptable to wear a clothing which only suits those with a flat tummy? There are clothes which suit some body types and others which don’t. Jumpsuits don’t suit most women. I have 3 jumpsuits and I rarely wear them. They only come out when am confident you won’t see my tummy bulge. That is 90% of the time because I have the fat and it is going to show.

– Dungarees. They look like shit specially if you are not skinny. And they are expensive… rarely priced below 2k. When women wear this piece of clothing, it just adds bulk.

– I always wear the right size. I am not size obsessed. I will happily wear UK 12 if it fits me better than 10…. and never even venture near 8. It doesn’t matter. I need to look good. I have to wear clothes…. the clothes don’t have to wear me. It is ridiculous when women try to fit into smaller sized clothes. They don’t look good and it just shows your insecurity. Give me clothes which cover up my fat instead of clothes which will cling to it.

– I rarely wear tight fitting clothes. I just don’t have the figure for it… yet. That is a fact. I may want to deny it but it is true. And why would I want to put myself through that torture when there are enough clothes that do fit me well and make me look good. Sure, there are days when I miscalculate but most days they will fit well and not be tight.


I have never dieted in my life and I never will. Not that I haven’t been tempted. When a few people I know tried the Dukan diet and started losing weight rapidly- 10 kgs in 2 months, I was tempted. I started reading about it online and picked up a few books on amazon. I googled the pros and cons. And then I realized that anything that asks you to drink as many cold drinks as you want but forbids you from eating fruits, has to be the most ridiculous thing in the world. How does that make sense? We all have studied science and biology. We know how our bodies work. How can anyone see logic in that?

Diets don’t work. That is a fact. You can go looking for superfoods, foods which burn fat, the shortest and fastest way to lose weight but do remember- all this is also the shortest and fastest way to gain back weight. There are no shortcuts except:

– Eat right

– Workout

Both work together. One without the other is meaningless. My workouts keep me on track when it comes food. Not to mention how great I feel.

I have searched google for shortcuts. I have read every article which said “5 moves for a flat tummy”…. I have read Prevention magazine from cover to cover. But at the end of the day we all know what works. We just don’t want to do the hard work. And honestly, it is not THAT hard. It is not as hard as hating your body… or wishing it looked differently… or not liking anything in your wardrobe. It is easier than the feeling of self loathing and the comments on weight that are constantly thrown at women.

Don’t even get me started on how pot bellied men will make comments on a woman’s weight. I hope they never find their penis among all the layers of fat again.

That’s it then. I will come back and be more judgemental when I remember something. Now I need to get dressed and rush to the gym for TRX. I would have taken the day off but TRX cannot be missed.

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