A guide to writing correct English on social media

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The worst thing about social media- the death of the English language. I understand the constraints of twitter- writing correctly in 140 characters is a challenge and yet, everyone I follow manages fine. It is facebook and WhatsApp where people use shortcuts…. very annoying shortcuts despite auto-correct on phones and laptops. How busy can someone be that they are trying to save time by skipping letters of the alphabet? This is the worst time to be alive if you love reading or writing. Seeing any of the below makes me want to pull out my hair.

So, here it is… a short guide to writing correctly on social media. And it is free. I will even give classes for free with a free glass of wine (will need the wine to keep myself from killing him/her) at home. Come one, come all. Let’s rid ourselves of tackiness.

Social media = Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram

Left = Incorrect English

Right = Correct English

U = You

U coming? = Are you coming?

Tru = True

Cos = Because

Coz = Because

Dat = That

Luv = Love

Gr8 = Great

Me coming = I am coming

M = Am

V = We

2 = To

B = Be

Wid = With

Ystdy = Yesterday

Bk = Back

Msgd = Messaged

N = And

Abt = About

Fr = For

R = Are

D = The

Jst = Just

Z = Is

LL = Will

Splly = Specially

Nt = Not

Me confused = I am confused

Hav = Have

Sm = Some

Tom = Tomorrow

Whts = What is

Ur = Your

Bt = But

Tkn = Taken

Jst = Just

Thnx = Thanks

Ppl = People

Welcum = Welcome

Rmbr = Remember

Dis = This

*Anita’s suggestion*

Cum = Come … or do they actually mean “cum”?

Hafta = Have To

*Susha’s suggestion- given in the most annoying manner*

Mah = My … Why are people adding an extra letter to spell incorrectly? This makes no sense at all

Iz = Is

Dis = This

Lyk = Like

Y = Why

*Asmita’s suggestion*

K = Ok

*Sonal’s suggestions*

Kewl = Cool

Gurl = Girl

Please suggest if I have missed out anything.

Source : Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter… Ok, Ok… it is just the former two.

Twitter is one place where people make the effort to write correctly and I don’t follow anyone who rapes the language like this.


9 thoughts on “A guide to writing correct English on social media

  1. Not to be pedantic but.. You can’t skip alphabets – cos there are 26 letters in the English alphabet, not 26 alphabets. *picks up shield and helmet*

    • Thank you. I always welcome correction. Btw… you didn’t get the post. My mistake was an unconscious error while the post talks about people who deliberately murder the language. Big difference between the two.

      • Oh I got it. Those shortcuts have been there since the beginning of sms – even before social media. And I agree with you that it is appalling – which is one of the many reasons why I am a social media hermit!

  2. things like ‘Kewl’, ‘Gurl ‘ annoys me the most. They have the same characters . Why change the spelling 🙂

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