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2015 has started on such a great note, I can’t even express the feeling.

RT was coming down from USA to Bangalore and I managed to schedule a work thing in the city during the same time. Thankfully, the work thing was not too hectic and I had enough time to socialize. I have been to Bangalore a few times in the last year and caught up with ex colleagues or friends but without RT the city is the not the same.

I still remember my first visit to the city. We had an outbound on the outskirts of Bangalore where we stayed in the jungle, slept in tents, cooked outdoors, learned rappelling and mountain climbing etc. It was part of the curriculum. On our return all the Bangalore people stayed in the city over the weekend and only 2-3 of us headed to Manipal. I managed to get in touch with an ex crush who was working in Bangalore and Pri and I went to Corner House to meet him. It was the best ice cream I have eaten. I think I have the picture somewhere. Bangalore was the city I wanted to shift to and I kept hoping my company would send me there for the sales role but I was sent to Mumbai office instead. I doubt I would have moved to Gurgaon from Bangalore. I love the young vibe of it. I love the nice, big houses, the food, Brigade road, commercial street, pubs, young crowd.

Anyway, I asked Biswa, Kanan and Kenneth on twitter if any stand ups were happening on Monday and Biswa suggested open mic at Take 5. RT, A and I headed to Take 5 at Indiranagar. It looked quite shady and I wondered if it was the right place. We ordered food and drinks and killed 1.5 hours before the stand up started. Open Mic is where amateur comedians get 5 minutes to perform. It is free and open and helps beginners to build confidence. It is also where reputed comedians like Biswa and Kanan try out their new material to gauge the audience reaction before they try it on a larger audience. I have watched Kanan perform and he is ok but Biswa is so good. I thought this guy is a geek and not too confident since I have only watched his youtube videos but he was so confident and funny. Need to watch him perform on stage soon.

The next day I met Sil for lunch. We were meeting after 5 years and it felt so good. Conversation just flowed… there were no awkward pauses… no wondering what to say next. And it’s amazing how with some people I seem to have more and more in common as the years pass by. Weird, right? I thought people are supposed to grow apart if there is no effort to keep in touch.

And then on Friday, a college friend started a WhatsApp group. I have been complaining how 4 years of college have been wiped off because I am not in touch with anyone. Well, that has been rectified now. I also got back in touch with J who I have missed like crazy all these years. There were so many times, specially in the last few months, when I would wish I could tell her something because only she would understand. We had a disagreement over something 5 years back and she was pissed off. I thought she had moved to USA and didn’t know anyone who was in touch with her. So glad to know she is in India and well, we had a 2 hours conversation today where we basically filled in the gaps of last 5 years.

Yes… 2015 has started on a very good note. Now, I have hope that this can be a truly great year.

On other news… off to Mumbai on Friday where there will be lots of socialising and Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon on Sunday. Wish me luck.

Some random thoughts from all the conversations I have had last week:

– When you are 18 and early 20s, every emotion and incident is heightened by a 100 times… a break up is the end of the world… a failure in the exam means life is over. As we grow older we feel lesser and lesser which is good and bad. Good because there is less heartbreak. Bad because feeling something.. anything becomes so much more difficult

– It is easy to be safe all your life but so much more difficult to fall down and pick yourself up. I have done the latter, learned my lesson and mostly stayed above the safety line most of my life. And I know people who have managed to pick themselves up after life has given them a raw deal. So, yeah… I have no sympathy with people who use that as an excuse to just stay down there. And I really, really respect people who have pulled themselves up.

– Learning to love yourself is the most important thing in the world. Unfortunately, our parents don’t really teach us to do that. And that’s why we sell ourselves short so many times. Once you love yourself… you don’t always need someone who loves you around. Life becomes easier to live.

– I just realized I know women who have had more sexual partners than the men I know. The men seem chaste in comparison which is a good trend and a surprising one. Men- you need to go out there and have a good time more often.

– Kids who rely on their parents for advice amuse me. Ask yourself- how much do your parents know about you? I don’t mean know what you like or dislike. That is easy if you live with them. But, know about your experiences? How many of us have confided in our parents ever?

– In our teenage years or early 20s, we share everything- every thought, every feeling, every incident with someone or the other. As we grow older we start keeping things to ourselves because we learn diplomacy. That is kind of scary because how much does your partner/friends/family know about what’s going on in your mind? Very little. We probably censor 80% of what we think. And that’s why ladies and gentlemen, we have twitter… where you can share anything… without censorship.

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