A good week

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It has been a good week. Atleast thats how I remember it.

I was in a bit of a slump… my weight was stagnant. I lost inches every month… but the weight would not move. Specifically, the fat would not bulge… my protein (muscle) weight yo yoed… depending on the workout. I have finally lost 1 kg of fat in the last 15 days… I did not workout for a week in last week of January… so.. it is mainly the result of 7 days. I am very, very happy. How did it happen? I changed made 2 important changes:

– Diet: I was following 60% of the diet… but this week I had lighter dinners. The plan was to have soup but I haven’t done it yet. Maybe tomorrow onwards. I also avoided rice to a large extent. Another biggie was the cheat meal… it generally meant desserts for me every Sunday. I have stopped it. No more desserts. I work out for 1.5-2 hours on Sunday. The entire effort got nullified ‘coz of the dessert. I have also started writing down what I eat… it helps.

– Workout: I have changed my workout… now, I work out twice in a day… there is a primary workout (2 days gym, 2 days jog, 2 days Jazz) and secondary (youtube videos and CDs of yoga/pilates/zumba/other workouts). The reason for this is… I am unable to follow my diet strictly and have doubled efforts on the workout front. Also, I wanted to add pilates, zumba and yoga to my workout. Like this, even if I miss 1 workout its ok…

The sad part is the inch loss was extremely slow this month… don’t know why. I am going to be extra diligent this month. Don’t care about the scale… but the inches need to reduce.

KC and I had dinner at a Rajasthani thela last night… Khamma Ghani in Vyapar Kendra, Gurgaon. We had a hard time finding it since the whole market is a maze and it is small cart with just 1 table with seating space. I had daal bhaati. It brings back so many memories. My hometown is close to Rajasthan and daal bhaati was a regular part of the menu. On days when mom was ill or did not want to cook we ordered daal bhaati in. I have posted the recipe on my blog- http://culinaryexperimentsinkitchen.wordpress.com/. You should try it.

Today we went to Comi Con at Delhi. I was very, very excited. The tickets cost 100 bucks per head on bookmyshow. It was quite a disappointment. I had expected it to be held in a large open space with lots of comics stalls… activities… cut outs of comic heroes etc. What it was instead … held inside a stadium… there were only stalls… 90% of them of tee shirts, bags, shoes etc. There were very few stalls of comics… and not many activities. Sad!!! I hope the Mumbai comi con is better.

There was an Oscar festival on my laptop last month. I watched Blue Jasmine, Gravity, August Osage County, Frozen etc. Read the reviews here… http://filumtime.blogspot.in/

KC went to the gym today morning…. for only 30 mins but after months of nagging. I wonder what motivated him… If only I knew…

On Thursday night, it was my mentor’s b’day and some ex-colleagues and I were invited to his house. We played poker till midnight… had awesome non veg… drinks… it was a lot of fun. Of course, the next morning was not. I woke up late… missed my workout and was dozing all day. Sigh!!! Sleep cannot be compromised after one reaches 30 years.

Ciao then… I need to rush to my Jazz class.

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