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Last Saturday I picked up my books from KC’s house. I had given them to him 1.5 years back while leaving Mumbai. I was not sure for how long I was going to Gurgaon and didn’t have space to carry the books. I was sad to part from them but trusted him enough to leave them in his care.
After nagging him for months I finally got them back. He was too lazy to bring them along and I forgot to pick them up from his house every time. Of course, 2 books (my favourites were missing but he will buy me new ones).
I was overjoyed to be reunited with gems like ‘Yes Minister’, ‘Gone with the wind’, ‘Shantaram’, ‘Q & A’ etc.
Q & A was lent to me by Sil who insisted I read the book when we met 2 years back in Jaipur. I think it was her way to repaying for flicking my fav book ‘Anne of Green Gables’ from me.

When I watched ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ I didn’t remember the story of this book. Just as well. Since Q & A was not widely read nobody protested against the butchery of the tale. I do not like the original story being tampered with. When I read a good book I can imagine the characters… their mannerisms… their dress… the way they talk. Harry Potter movie characters fit my imagination and that of all fans (obvious from its popularity). Shopholics was a disappointment.
What I prefer in Q & A over the movie is that in the book Ram Mohammad Thomas (the central character who is Jamaal in the movie) has shades if grey… he steals, kills and yet is a nice boy.

If you have seen the movie… do read the book.

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  1. Thats the only book i also have re read. I hated the way movie moved off the main story to a totally romantic angle…
    I found angels & demons much better adapted- maybe they changed minute details objectionable to a group of people but the movie was good…

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