A 28 km weekend

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I want to say “28 km” over and over again. It seems  unbelievable. Specially since my body does not seem to remember it. There is no pain or ache. I almost ran a half marathon on Sunday (3 km short of half marathon) and I am perfectly ok so much so that I had planned to strength my upper body but ended up doing leg workouts. And I was ok even yesterday. How is that possible? What is happening?

It is a landmark moment because I have never run 21 km in 2 or even 4 days. Ever. There was a week’s rest before any half marathon and another week’s rest after one. I guess we never know what our bodies are capable of till we push it far enough. I feel bad for people who have no idea how much their bodies can actually do. It’s a shame really to spend your life with all this power unused. Like… being a superhero but never really knowing it.

Saturday run- 10 km

The Saturday run was horrendous. It was supposed to be a fast run and I decided to run at Galleria because I clock very good timing there. Unfortunately, the weather played spoil sport. It was so humid that I was tired after 7 km. And if I was carrying any money I would have taken the auto back home. But as things stood, the only option was to walk/jog back. KC wasn’t home so he couldn’t have picked me up. I finished the run, reached home, dropped on the bed and drifted between sleep and consciousness for the next 3 hours.

Sunday run- 18 km

The initial plan was to drive to Vasant Kunj where Adidas had organized a free run.

*Free run = a run you don’t have to pay for. Yes, we are crazy… we pay to run long distances*

I woke up at 4.30 am but the thought of running at VK didn’t excite me…

  • I wouldn’t know anyone there and the thought of socializing at 5 am with strangers wasn’t appealing. The thought of socializing with strangers and sometimes even acquaintances/friends even at any other time of day/night does not appeal to me.
  • I hate to drive somewhere to run. Why drive? Why not just run there?
  • Everyone runs for a reason. For me Sunday runs are about exploring the city. The destination needs to be exciting enough. And there is nothing exciting about Vasant Kunj

I woke up at 5 am and decided to run on my favourite route- Mehrauli Gurgaon road. 18 km would take me till Hauz Khas/Green Park… maybe even farther. I ate half a banana (need to fuel better before long runs), filled my water bottle, carried money and credit card (for b’fast post the run) in my pouch, packed a Nourish Organics energy bar (the only one which seems natural. The rest are packed with sugar) and a small bottle of diluted Gatorade (hate the taste).

The weather was awesome… and I went really slow. It has been 2.5 months since I ran such a long distance and didn’t want to strain myself. I ran till Hauz Khas and since there were only a few more kms to go, I decided to go to the Deer Park. I have not been to the park before and needed a place to stretch. I know it is called Deer Park but didn’t really expect there to be real “deer” there. I mean, we have been to all these sanctuaries and national parks but never seen a tiger yet.

For b’fast, I wanted to go to Smoke House Deli at Khan Market. I always go there because I love their lavendar/cucumber lemonade. I know it sounds weird. Hauz Khas also has b’fast places so why go all the way to Khan Market? I don’t really have a reason… I like to head to Khan Market after my long run since I don’t go there too often. It is a nice Sunday ritual.

After a nice b’fast and search for an auto, I headed to the Safdarjung tomb- one of the few monuments in Delhi I haven’t visited yet. It was nice and silent and there were only couples looking for privacy at that hour. I wish I had spent my teenage years in Delhi, there are so many spots to coochie coo with your loved one.

Oh well, maybe in my next life.

I guess the next weekend is a 36 km weekend- 15 km on Saturday and 21 km on Sunday. Hopefully, the distance will take me from Gurgaon to Lodi gardens.

Everyone runs long distances for a reason. For me it is about exploring the city with music playing in the background.

I leave you with a few pics.

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