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Hiya… It is a relaxed Sunday since I am not going for my morning run. I woke up late- 7.30 am, that is as late as it gets. I cannot wake up later than that… don’t know why. I mean, I slept at 2 am on Friday night and was up at 7.30 am on Sat morning. Weird!!!

Yesterday was fun. I met 2 ex-colleagues for lunch, it was a coincidence that 3 women were meeting on Women’s Day. PK and me did not get along when I was in Delhi and she was in the HO. I explained to KD (the 3rd person yesterday) that PK and me are very alike and that is a bad thing if we are on the opposite sides of the table but on the same side that is a strength and we got along very well as part of the same team. How equations change.

In fact, NK and I did not get along at all when I reported to him but as colleagues we gelled quite well. He is still a person I am in touch with and I do not keep in touch with people I do not like. I mean I will not even answer calls of people I do not like.

Right now I am sitting at my new dining table. The house feels more and more like home and I am loving it. KC and I had seen the dining table at Home Centre and fell in love. It is a foot higher than normal… more like a bar stool… so different. We still went window shopping to find a better one but our heart wasn’t in it (atleast mine wasn’t). It was our lucky day that 2 weeks back, the price was reduced from 34k to 27k. Aah!!! Patience can be fruitful.

In terms of diet and workout, this week has been a fail. I bunked 3 days in the week. Don’t ask why. Maybe it was the weather or the fact that I had a training all the way in India Habitat Center in Delhi or just laziness. But I have still lost inches and am happy. I am getting there… slowly and steadily. No matter what the scale may sometimes say, I am on the right track.

I hope winter is over… even though I like winter… I am tired of wearing stockings with dresses or layering clothes. I just want my legs and hands bare now.

2 weeks back I was browsing fabfurnish.com looking for bedside tables. I did not want to go shopping for something like a bedside table… so, ordered one from fabfurnish.com. It was delivered on the date committed and assembly done the very next day. I am impressed…. there are a lot of bad reviews about the site online and I was a little worried. Of course, don’t expect impressive quality of the wood. You will get what you pay for. What was life like without online shopping? I seriously don’t remember.

Next Saturday is the marathon at Buddh International Circuit and am super excited. Yeaah!!! I am running 10.28 km on the F1 race track. The main objective is to get a timing certificate so that participating in the half marathon is easier. Wish me luck!!!

Ciao then. I am super hungry.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Update

  1. “…I will not even answer calls of people I do not like.” ?!!
    Girl take it from some one who used to harbor quite a few grudges in his time – life is too short as it is. Sure some people are annoying at times – very few are downright evil however. Look for the positives in people and brush aside the negatives as much as possible. Makes life easier to live.

  2. Umm… you completely misunderstood. I don’t hold grudges… don’t have time for it.
    I do not waste time on people who do not add to my life… Life is short and I want to spend time only with those I genuinely care about.

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