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We take a trip to Goa every year… its a tradition now. We have been there during Diwali, in August and now in June. It is always a good place to relax, unwind or even party.

Our bus to Vasco was on 7th night from Vashi. The big problem with these buses is that they stop at horrible places for dinner. The tickets cost 1300 bucks and above but the service provided is pathetic. Sad, really. It was KC’s b’day on 7th and I had organized a surprise get together at Potpourri. KC’s friends had been invited and one of them was going to bring the cake.

As soon as we left for Vashi, it started raining very heavily. Our cab broke down on the way and we hopped onto the AC bus with our luggage. KC was not feeling well and he had to help the cabbie push the car onto the side of the road in the heavy rains. The bus was not going to Vashi so we decided to get off at Ghansoli and take an auto. An over smart lady suggested we take the train. I gave her a “back off” look. Thats the problem with Mumbai… people want to take the most inconvenient route. She wanted us to take our luggage, take an auto to the station, buy tickets, wait for the train, get off and take an auto to KC’s home. WTF!!!

We took the auto to Vashi. On the way I told him I wanted to go shopping at Inorbit Mall. It sounded quite stupid ‘coz it was raining like crazy and there was nothing that I WANTED. Also, we did not have too much time. KC would not listen and I had to tell him about the get together. Guess what??? He already knew… ‘coz he spotted his friends’ call on my phone. Nope… he did not go through my phone. We don’t do that. Our phones are private.

We went for the get together in the rains… on the way back we could not find an auto or cab. Public or even private transport in Mumbai sucks. Whoever said it has the best transport? When it rains, autos and cabs immediately go off the roads. Finally, we found a meru cab to drop us. Thankfully, our bus was late (as always). On reaching his house, KC realized he cannot find his phone. He had left it in the cab. We called the phone a few times and the cab driver called back. He was at the petrol pump and we could pick up the phone. We took a lift from KC’s neighbour… picked up the phone and headed to the bus. We were drenched and just wanted to get on the bus. The bus arrived at 9.30 pm and I promptly fell asleep. I skipped dinner and b’fast. At 10 am KC got very irritated and woke me up.

We reached Vasco at 12 pm… the resort is 20 km away from Vasco. I was impressed with the lobby… it was facing the sea and there was an awesome view. The check in time was 2 pm but the resort was kind enough to get it ready as soon as we arrived. Our room had an amazing sea view. I fell asleep (again) after lunch. The lunch was a major disappointment. In the evening, we went for a walk along the beach. It had stopped raining and the view was beautiful.

Next day we decided to go to Brittos at Baga beach. After a massage at the resort spa and lunch we headed to Baga. It was again raining heavily and all the people had come to the shack to escape the rain. St Anthony’s next door also has karaoke but was packed with more people. We had a few drinks and food and left. Dinner was again a disappointment and we had to go to a grocery store to pick up some junk.

On day 3 we had our bus back in the evening. The resort let us check out late. We killed time at the casino. This was our first time gambling and we realized how different we are at this. I was there to earn my money back while KC just wanted to play irrespective of the amount of money we lose. A true gambler. Catching the bus was a torture. Our pick up was from Vasco railway station. A van took us to the Vasco junction where another bus took us to Panaji and from there we boarded the bus. Whew!!!

It was a very relaxing trip. Our room had a bathtub and we made full use of it. Looking forward to next year’s trip.

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