6 kg fat loss in 6 months

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I went to the gym today for an intense body pump class. It has been a while since I attended a group class though I have been lifting weights at the gym few days a week. I had time to get my BMA done- something I dread when I haven’t been regular. Since I returned from A’bad, my workouts have gone for a toss, mainly due to a stomach upset. I haven’t stressed too much though and just tried to eat less. I don’t starve but try and eat when am hungry. The snacks from nibble box have been a big help. Dinner is also light with protein dominating the meal. Have I eaten junk? Sure. Once in a while. Like, when I opened a pack of Bingo yesterday but didn’t finish it. And chocolates are part of my daily diet but am not giving up those.

These are the results.

Screenshot 2016-08-13 13.41.50

I am at my lowest fat weight ever. Since last year I have been trying to get below 20 kg of fat weight and am there, finally. Since Feb, this is a 6 kg fat loss in the last 6 months. I am ok with this progress because by the end of the year I will be at my target weight.

Things I have been doing:

  • Breakfast. I have been trying to eat eggs for breakfast everyday but have been waking up late. I just need 5 mins to make fried eggs or omelette and another 10 mins to eat them. Once I go back to Mumbai and start waking up early for morning runs, this should be manageable. At the very least, I can eat an apple and then order breakfast in office.
  • Mid day snacking. I am relying on nibble box for this.
  • Lunch. This is served in office and may or may not be healthy but there is nothing I can do about it. When I travel, I eat roti, sabji, rice and daal- normal food.
  • Pre gym. Banana
  • Post gym. Whey
  • Dinner. Salads or something healthy from freshmenu. I eat this in the cab from the gym to my house in Mumbai. Or I eat it at the gym while waiting for the cab.

The biggest change has reduction in portion sizes. The less you eat, the lesser you want to eat. And vice versa. This has been the most important lesson I have learned. Even today, I can go back to my earlier appetite with a few days of junk eating.

Goals for the next few months:

  • Build muscles. I want to get beyond 22 kg of muscle and bulk up a little. The plan is to get a personal trainer September onwards (once am done with my half marathons in August- Mumbai on 21st and Hyderabad on 28th). If I see results in the initial 11 sessions, I will extend it for a month or two till I know how it’s done. If not, I go back to following the current plan.
  • Continue to eat right.
  • Start training for ADHM with timing target. Basis the timing in the current half marathons, I will decide on the target time and start training.

By the way, I typed out this post while eating a burger from McDonald’s and having a coke. So, I DO eat crap. Just not as much as a normal person and not as frequently.

If you haven’t started already on your fitness journey, you need to start NOW. Don’t wait till January to make the resolution for AGAIN. If you have started, please read this and continue to stay on track.

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