5 weeks progress

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I am going to post a weekly update so I know what I did wrong and what was right. This week hasn’t been too great because I missed too may workouts:

Saturday – Long run

Sunday – Wall climbing, which didn’t seem intense but I was sore and in pain the next day

Monday – No workout

Tuesday – No workout

Wednesday- Interval run, Body pump and Yoga

Thursday – No workout

But I reduced my food intake accordingly. Even when I went out with friends or colleagues for dinner, I stuck to chicken kebabs (tandoori or tikkas) and on other days, I had dalia khichdi.

This is the 5 weeks progress.




  • I need to strength train 3 days a week. That is non negotiable. It has to be done.
  • The fat % depends on muscle gain and not on fat loss
  • I have learned how to balance the food according to the intensity of the workout which is a huge deal. When you go to the gym 6 days in a week, you tend to eat the same food irrespective of the intensity. Which means, when you skip a workout, you still eat the same amount. Varying food according to your exercise regime is the most important part of the fitness journey
  • Overall, jumping with joy at this. 1.7 kgs of fat loss in 5 weeks is awesome.

Of course, the fabulous results could also be because I generally measure myself in the evening and today I did it in the morning. Also, last night’s dinner was at 6 pm. But the variation would be 300-400 gm and not more.

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