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I have been trying to clean eat for years now. It has been frustrating because I may eat 100% right one day and then 80% the next day and 50% the day after that. Consistency is what I lack.

But it hasn’t been all bad. I have stopped eating a lot of crap in the last 2 years. Food, no longer, controls me. Rather, I control food.

Recently, I have been reading and watching stuff about how sugar is the real culprit and I decided to check for myself. Is it a new fad or is sugar the real villain?

I stayed off sugar for 5 whole days… well, almost.


I still don’t know. 5 days is too short. But, these 5 days have encouraged me to try it for 30 days and then come to a final conclusion.

Sugar, here, does not mean processed sugar. It means sugar found in most foods- bread, processed food (anything that comes in a packet), tea, coffee, chocolates, desserts, candies, butter, fruit juices etc etc.

This is what my days looked like:

6:30-7:10 : 5 km run

7:15 : Whey in water or whey in mango milkshake (no sugar, skimmed milk, Muscle Blaze whey isolate does not list sugar as an ingredient)

8:45 : 2 egg whites omelette (I have lost my taste for yolk now) with veggies, 1-2 cut mangos (stopped having the freshly squeezed sweet lime juice)

11 am : Green tea (Hate the taste)

1 pm : Rotis (3) + sabji (no potatoes) or daal baati

3 pm : Sprouts with onions and tomatoes

5 pm : Fruit (papaya/cherries)… and peanuts if am very hungry

5:30-7 pm : Gym

7 pm : Whey in water

7:30 pm : Dalia khichdi (dalia+oats+all veggies- tomato, onion, beans, carrots, cauliflower, cabbage+moong dal)

10/10.30 pm : Off to bed

I don’t know if I have lost fat because BMA day is Tuesday. I have been losing weight because am eating right and working out.

This is what I have noticed in the last 5 days:

  • Finally, I am sticking to eating 100% clean. I had been struggling to cut out candies (always available at my desk), chocolates (the fridge is filled with them), rice (Did I just live without eating rice for 5 whole days?), potatoes (I can live with them, hallelujah!!!)
  • The weird part is… I didn’t crave for sugar. What was stopping me from eating 1 teeny, tiny chocolate, right? And it’s not like 1 mint was going to throw me off the wagon. But the less I ate sugar, the less I wanted or cared to. Basically, the more chocolates I eat, the more I want to.
  • My portions automatically became smaller. Earlier, I was eating too much at lunch- raita, 3 rotis, sabji, lots of rice, daal etc etc. I have eaten 3 rotis everyday and been satisfied with it. I didn’t feel hungry. And for the very first time in my life, 2 baatis made me full. Earlier, I had 4.
  • Eating the same food everyday sounds boring but it has been a relief. I don’t have to think so much about food. There is so much more space in my brain (to be filled with so much other crap). And I like what I eat- love eggs, love the dalia khichdi, like fruits. I don’t have to plan my meals everyday.
  • Eating out is a challenge. On Tuesday (the 2nd day of no sugar), my colleagues invited me out for lunch. I didn’t care for the food, it was the company I wanted and I said “yes”. We went to a Chinese place where there was nothing without sugar in some form. Also, I was eating out with these guys for the first time. All the “no sugar” thing would have annoyed them. I let them order and then just had a few bites of everything- chicken main course, few spoons of rice, 1 tiny spoon of the fried ice cream
  • KC and I went out for dinner only once this week- last night. So, I didn’t have to worry too much about where to eat and what to order
  • I have also stuck to vegetarian food because I have grown up eating that as a kid. I don’t want to get into the whole proteins vs carbs vs fat calculation in my food
  • Our body needs a certain amount of sugar to function properly. I am getting that from fruits

Some of you may wonder if this is being a little too extreme. Maybe it is. But I don’t want to start 2016 (2015 is half over) with the same resolutions as 2015. So, am going to do whatever required (short of crash dieting… never dieting) to reach my goals. Because I already have new goals for 2016… which I will reveal closer to 2016.


Saturday- Indulgence day – Sev tamatar sabji+rice for lunch today, chocolates, Ramadan Iftar walk in the evening

Sunday – Try and eat as little sugar as possible

Monday- Friday – Back to eating no sugar

People… don’t wake up one day and say “I won’t eat any sugar from today” if you are a newbie. You are only setting yourself up for failure. Take it… one day at a time… one step at a time. Try for yourself and then see if it makes you feel better. At the end of the day, whatever you eat or don’t eat… it should make you happy. And make your life simpler. If some fad/diet/eating pattern is too complicated, it won’t work.

KISS… Keep it simple, stupid.


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