4 months update

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Barfi turned 4 months old yesterday and she is now 13 kg. She was 7 kg 1.5 months back. Her weight is expected to go up to 18 kg in the next 1-2 weeks and soon we will not be able to carry her in our arms away from restricted places. So, am working on using her collar to hold her (gently) back.

At the start of lockdown, she was quite excited about having us around all day. She stopped sleeping at her usual hours (9 am to 1 pm and 2:30 to 5 pm).  But now she isn’t as excited to have us around. I barricade myself in the bedroom away from her during morning work hours and work in the living room while she sleeps after lunch. It is harder to get KC to leave her alone and atleast once every few hours you can hear me screaming asking him to give her space.

When Barfi came home, we would leave her alone at home for 15 mins to prevent separation anxiety and get her used to being on her own. It is easier when you train them as puppies but once the househelp joined, she didn’t have the house keys and we became lackadaisical about it. The trainer reminded us that it was very important now to leave her alone so we sit outside the house near the lift while neighbours think we are a bunch of crazy people to be sitting on the floor like that.

Everytime we would leave her alone, around 6 pm, she would poop (in the loo) and sometimes try to eat it. I took that as a sign of separation anxiety and was quite concerned. On one of the days, we were home at 6 pm and she pooped anyway. Well, friends, that was her normal poop time. I was massively relieved. We went for a grocery run the other day for 30 mins and she was perfectly fine. I didn’t have time to stare at her every few mins in the camera and realised that maybe I have separation anxiety and not her.

Every week, she finds new ways to push our boundaries. Running away with our chappals is her most favourite activity. Sneaking into the kitchen like she owns it is another one. Running away with the item on the bed which will give her immediate attention is a new one. Refusing to eat from the slow feeder bowl is a whole different level of tantrum. My reaction is to let her be and not mollycoddle her. So, she runs to KC while he is asleep, jumps on the bed, wakes him up to make him feed her. Pulling at the clothes on the drying rack has been added to the list and we had to move it to the guestroom. Refusing to pee and poop when we take her to the loo is a badass move. She will go when she wants to go. Even when she wants to pee, she will sit on the floor and refuse to do it. I close the door of the loo, sit on the pot and wait. Usually does it.

She has now tasted a variety of foods – mango, peanut butter, watermelon, apple, carrot but her most favourite is corn on the cob (without the corn kernels).

There are times when she goes absolutely crazy, especially once she has pooped. Whenever she bites on our hand hard, she is put on leash for 15 mins and we proceed to ignore her. She has stopped barking and creating a ruckus in the mornings when it is time for her meal and I deliberately take my time while brushing my teeth. She has stopped jumping when am eating on the couch. She has stopped resisting her grooming sessions because they mean lots of treats for her.

We have 24/7 entertainment and have to be on our toes for the sneakiest puppy in the house. 5 mins in the loo and she had torn the paper where I had written the points for my upcoming PPT.

Thank god, we have her during the lockdown and can spend so much time with her. There is no time to get bored or have an existential crisis.

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