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It has been an exhausting day and am so completely drained that I walked out of the gym without working out. Now am unable to move my ass off the bed and have surrounded myself with essentials – water, phone charger, laptop charger, Bath and body works candle, Cleo (my cuddle buddy), lip balm and water (staying hydrated is important). I still have to take off my make up, put the uneaten dinner in the fridge and turn off all the lights.

To counteract the mood, let me list out all the positives of the last 3-4 months, as suggested by the gym coach and life coach.

4 months back the search for a training plan started. I was looking for an affordable plan which includes workout as well as nutrition. This is hard to find because most trainers are experts at only one or the other. After stalking many, many people on Instagram I found someone who is young, has a good IG presence, is affordable, provides both workout and nutrition help and is hot (mandatory requirement). Last year this time, I had hired a personal trainer, Mac, at Fitness First. I had known him for 3 years and his TRX workouts were amazing. He was always helpful and had given lots of free advice on workouts, nutrition and helped me with workout plans. What could possibly go wrong? For starters, the ME time in the gym became US time which wasn’t very appealing to me. I realised that the only moment in the day I spent focusing mentally and physically on myself was now time spent with another person. I missed listening to music at the gym. That was my first and last experience of hiring a personal trainer. Never again. Unless, the guy is absolutely hot, great to have a conversation with and I have a crush on; am not paying him and replacing ME time. The only thing that works for me is an online training plan I can follow at my convenience and pace.

Joining a new job, travelling and moving to a new city may seem like the worst time to start a new workout regime but for me it was the best. It ensured the damage was minimised.

4 months later, this is where I am:

  • Tracking daily calories and staying within the calories range most days of the week. I haven’t missed tracking for even one single day in the last 1 month. It took me 2 months to even start this and then in the 3rd month, any day when I consumed junk wouldn’t get entered.
  • Eating 100 gm+ of protein most days of the week. The challenge is when am travelling and don’t have time to consume whey. Because getting so much protein without whey is impossible right now.
  • Eating veggies on most days of the week. Target is to eat atleast 2 servings per day. Still a challenge but far better than before.
  • Following 16 hours IF on most days. Breakfast is now a luxury I indulge on the weekends.
  • Working out regularly. Even when am tired because of a 7 am flight, I get atleast a core workout done. It will only get more intense next month onwards.
  • Eating home cooked food when am not travelling and in Kolkata. Absolutely look forward to it.
  • No sugar days. This isn’t planned but there are many days when zero sugar is consumed because I eat 2 meals and 1 whey smoothie. *Chocolates do not count. I still have a piece of dark chocolate every night*
  • Keeping in touch with important people. People I think will be around for the next decade. Everyone else has been dropped.
  • Keeping in touch with (most of the) family.
  • There is a lot that needs to be done at work but am taking each day at a time instead of getting stressed. Sure, days like today are hard. The thought of the amount of work next month along with house shifting is giving me the jitters. All I want to do is plan a vacation but that seems like a dream right now.

Ok, am done. Can’t think of more ways that am awesome. Trust me, I started from nowhere and am one of the most consistent pupils in the training batch.

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