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I joined the Biggest Loser Challenge at Fitness First 2 weeks back wherein the person who loses the maximum fat in 6 weeks wins a prize. I am not in it for the prize though if it was for anything but fat, I could have easily won the challenge.

“Once you’ve accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you.” – Tyrion Lannister, The Game of Thrones

The last 2 weeks have been about sessions with the nutritionist where am trying to let her change my food habits. I was very resistant to the idea of a “diet” where I eat low carbs or high protein foods. I also abandoned her low cal meal within a few hours since it involved eating vegetables and fruit juice for b’fast.

Why am I seeing the nutritionist? Because am not consistent and if I can stay on track for 6 weeks, it will become a habit.

Here are things I have learned in the last few weeks:

  • I prefer to eat the same foods everyday because I don’t have enough time and energy to come up with new things. So, omelette for b’fast, moong chill for lunch and dalia khichdi/paneer tikka for dinner everyday is perfect for me. They are simple to cook, easy to pack, require no thought, are healthy and very tasty.
  • I thought eating 2 egg whites equals a huge b’fast till I started eating 4  egg whites.
  • I thought green tea was a fad but am beginning to warm up to the idea that it does help in making one fit
  • Fruits are my best friend
  • If I follow my meal perfectly, I will be eating healthy, nutritious, normal calories food with nil sugar and almost no oil
  • I can eat right on weekdays without much effort.
  • Learning to balance it out. If I eat crap for lunch, I eat a light dinner of oats/dalia in milk.
  • Eating healthy is cheaper than eating junk… atleast in India.

Here are my challenges:

  • Weekends. Going out and picking healthy foods is possible but if I have company, things go haywire. How do you ask the other person to order healthy as well? And how can you not take a bite from what they have ordered.
  • Junk at home. It takes one hunger pang when am home for my willpower to disappear. I haven’t bought chocolates in the last 15 days which is a big deal considering I had one everyday earlier.
  • Cheat meals… one bad choice leads to the next… leads to the next and you realize it is Monday and your cheat meal has lasted 2 days instead of 1 meal.


  • Have survived movies without popcorn, pepsi or momos. I stuck to chai
  • Have survived an office party where I avoided the nachos right in front of me and stuck to kebabs
  • Switched to lime soda from colas
  • Ate light during dinner if I went off track during the day
  • Have been cooking my meals in the morning since cook is on leave instead of ordering in even it means I have to skip my morning run
  • Have been writing down what I eat diligently and it does help. Very much.
  • Haven’t bought a chocolate in 15 days

Wish me luck.

This post is inspired from here– a post on cheat meals on my favourite health website.

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