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Hiya… I am ill… just got tested for Malaria. I hope the reports come negative tomorrow. One moment I was busy with work in the market and could feel the beginnings of a terrible headache which I shirked off as stress…. the next moment I was puking my lunch in the office loo at 6 pm. I drove home holding on with difficulty. All I wanted to do was stop my car at Powai and puke.

I took the day off today and felt better by afternoon. But as evening crawled I started shivering and felt the fever on me. The doc was kind enough to prescribe fewer tablets (I cannot take tablets). KC is adamant about coming home over the weekend… but this month is hectic for both of us and we cannot afford to lose work days. The phone kept ringing every hour and I didn’t know how to tell everyone to leave me alone. Sigh!!!
Malaria is becoming a problem in Mumbai but I didn’t imagine it could affect me. There are no mosquitoes at home. Thankfully I stay on the 8th floor where the stench of garbage strewn around the building cannot reach.
Anyway… I managed to finish all seasons of ‘That 70s show’. This is the only series after Friends and SATC that I have completed.
Here are my thoughts:
  • I wanted Jackie and Hyde to end up together… they made a combustible pair
  • Dana should have ended up with Randy… they were quite perfect for each other in season 8. But she goes back to Eric. Real life is about moving on and not getting stuck in a rut
  • Dana gives up college ‘coz she cannot part from Eric but he does not think twice before going to Africa… and she talks about feminism???
  • It was shock to see the teens working at various jobs instead of attending college but thats American life, I guess
  • Fas’s native country is not revealed till the end… and that is hilarious
  • Eric’s parents were consistent through all the seasons… damn good


My bed is filled with clothes, medicines, laptop, books, thermometer. I hate to sleep in such a messy place but have no energy to clean.
Btw… illness did not deter me from washing clothes. 🙂

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