31 days Food and Fitness Challenge

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Why 30 days?

Because am training for the half marathon on 24th May (need to register tomorrow without fail). But that is secondary. Basically, am tired. Tired of working out but not losing significant fat. So, this is my war against fat and inches …. not weight… FAT.

After 30 days?

This continues. It is a lifestyle change and NOT a diet. This is not for you if you are a serial dieter… looking for short cuts… believe that carbs or fats are bad.

Why food?

70% of fat loss is through food. We all know it and yet we put in only 20-30% of the effort. Even if you don’t workout, you can lose fat by eating right.

Why workout?

Because it makes me feel good… it is my drug… I cannot be happy without working out… and it makes me fit. Eating right will make me lose fat but that is not equal to fitness. Fitness = Exercise but at a healthy weight

Do we count calories?

No. But my eating is generally equivalent to 1400 calories. Never eat below 1200 calories… never… ever. And don’t eat above 2000 calories unless you workout for hours intensely

I don’t have a lot of time tonight because I need to sleep asap and wake up tomorrow morning at 5.30 am for my speed run. It gets slightly hot after 6.30 am and I want to finish my run before that. I will keep writing about food… workouts… etc etc… on a daily basis. But for tonight… let me just list where I am today:

Current morning weight : 61.1 kg . I weigh myself every morning because it keeps me on track. You don’t need to do the same. I had reached below 59 kg but the crap eating of last 4 days has taken it’s toll. Earlier I was at 62 kg and haven’t been below 61 kg in a long time.

Target weight : 52 kg for now. Ideally, I want to get to a fat % of 20 but that is a long term plan. For now, I want to get to 57 kg.

Below are the results of my BMA (Body mass analysis). Most gyms have a machine which you step on and it calculates your fat and muscle mass etc. Don’t get hung up on the numbers because every machine throws up a different number. The point is to compare and improve over whatever number it shows.


I am only going to focus on the fat mass and how much fat I need to lose. At the same time I don’t want to lose muscle. Right now, am not trying to gain muscle. Because it is impossible to lose fat and gain muscles at the same time. Trust me, I have tried and read up on it. It is impossible.

2 other things you can do when you start:

– Click pics and compare progress. The best way to “see” progress. I generally click pics of my tummy.

– Take measurements. I would do this earlier but then every centimetre gain would stress me out and human error is high.

What I am going to do is post my workout and food on a daily basis. I started eating right in the beginning April (don’t remember the exact date) and maintaining a food diary. It worked. I managed to stay on track for a atleast 15 days… even more. The last 5 days have thrown me off track and I am going to write it again to stay on track.

I need to know if I should post on this blog or another stagnant blog (I have soooooo many back up blogs). Let me know in the comments.

Also, this is stuff that has worked for me…. that does not mean you cannot do it differently. I am not perfect and learning every single day.

Shall we start?

I was not in office today but visiting stores in a cab. So, I couldn’t eat every 2 hours and stuff. But tomorrow will be better.



Feedback most welcome.



10 thoughts on “31 days Food and Fitness Challenge

  1. This is cool. I have paid for my gym membership last month but haven’t gone a day. Have maintained a diet though. Let’s do this. You post a blog and I will update on the comments. What say?

    • Sound awesome Sonal… and please go to the gym…. The first day is always the most difficult… after that it becomes a habit.

  2. Awesome you go girl! I am planning to do this too.. Thinking of where to post my progress because it helps… ideas please?

    A couple of points
    – 52 kg target weight? Are you kidding me? With those muscles you don’t need 52 kgs..
    – Have you tried isolates? I know Carbs are not bad.. I am the biggest advocate of carbs but just checking..
    – And I don’t think its bad to have tang as long as it is in moderation. I have been fighting Low BP for a couple of weeks because my sugar level was on an all time low..

  3. You can post on your laptop? I have been doing that for years now… I have excel sheet where I make my meal plan, workout plan, workout tracker, measurements.. everything. And I use an app for weight tracking.
    – I need to get to 52 kgs first… In fact, I want to get to 50 kgs. Muscles are not a priority right now.
    – I meant carbs in food. When it comes to whey… regular whey has just a few extra carbs compared to isolates. It is too little to worry about
    – Tang has sugar and sugar is not good. Tang has no nutritional value. It’s better to have coconut water or even soya milk.
    Take care of your BP. Hope you get well soon

  4. Oh this is awesome. I’m already following a diet plan and Have started running outside for my 5.7 Km run in TCS marathon on 17th may. .
    I will keep a check on the blog ( of course ) to see if i’m doing right . ๐Ÿ™‚

    And you know what , The day i told you that i cant run outside ๐Ÿ˜› , next day the when i went to gym they have closed the gym for maintainance for 10 days .. and i have started running outside ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. I am joining you ( hope to maintain the momentum ) . U r right in saying eating every 2 hours is the key ! I too am a major mango freak so lesser said about it the better ! Off to the gym now !

    • Welcome… welcome… please share tips on how you lost weight recently… anything I haven’t said already? Mangoes should not be given up… that is just unfair.

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